Okay so you are an enlightened networker and you understand that if you are to become a true network marketing recruiting machine that you need to always be in recruiting mode!

You do not restrict yourself to simply one method of recruiting, you use many.

You are an online mlm recruiter, you are a social media recruiter, you recruit from your warm market and you recruit from your local market.

Today we are going to focus on your local market.

People are everywhere…

And while it is nice that you want to recruit on facebook or become an mlm attraction marketing star…  in my mind you are completely out of your mind if you are missing out on all the star calibre people who are ALL around you!

So how do you recruit these “local people” into your network marketing business?!?

There are 2 methods you can use, and which one you choose is really dependant on your personality…  how fast you want to build your business….  and how determined you are to face your fears and overcome them!

Method #1:

This is the slower method…  This is about developing relationship!

Going with the whole mindset of “Friends First!”

You meet someone while you are out and about during your daily travels.

Could be someone you are doing business with…  someone you are buying something from…  could be your waitress or waiter…  banker or barber…  could be the car sales man you met with…  could be the couple of people you  met at the local networking event at the chamber of commerce.  Might be a person you met while socializing on a Friday night, etc, etc, etc!

Point is, when you meet them you are simply being friendly, mentioning nothing about your business…  and before the conversation ends or as you are leaving (whatever the case may be), you simply ask them for a business card or their contact information so you can stay in touch.

Now you start becoming friends by sending them an email letting them know it was nice meeting them, add them as a friend on facebook…  invite them out for coffee…  say hi and chat with them the next time you see them around town, etc, etc!

Now with this strategy, you simply wait until the time is right,  where you feel you have created a bond with them.  Once you are comfortable, you can ask them to look at your business.

Method #2:

This is the more aggressive approach.

You are always keeping your eyes open for sharp people…

When you meet one…  through a complement at them…

Then ask them if they are open to looking at opportunities if it does not interfere with what they are presently doing.

For example if you meet a waiter who just served you dinner, you could say something like the following:

“So & So…  I have to tell you, you are very good at what you do and this is some of the best service we have experienced in a very long time…  I own a business and we are always looking for sharp people…  I am curious… are you open to looking at an opportunity if it did not interfere with what you are currently doing?”

That’s it…

They will either say…  Yes,  No… or Maybe it depends!

If the answer is no… say “No problem I was just curious”.

If the answer is Yes or Maybe…

Simply say…  “well tell you what I am in a rush right now, however what is your email and phone number, I will send you some information and we can talk about it later”

That’s it!

Easy and very effective!

Remember recruiting in MLM is simply a numbers game!

And if you are always recruiting, building an ever expanding candidate list and following up with them using the strategy I teach here in this blog post, you will recruit big big numbers!

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