In this post, I’m going to give you an overview on how you can start marketing on Twitter today. These strategies will show you:

  • How to dominate Twitter and start recruiting new affiliates into your business beginning right now!
  • How to utilize all the data being collected and use it to your marketing advantage.

Here’s one of the sites I use daily. It’s called Let’s say you wanted to see what’s happening on Twitter. Let’s also assume that you’re a marketer with a network marketing company or you’re researching one to join. To most network marketers, when using Twitter, we find it to be a large spam website. What you typically see is people simply sending messages and people using  auto following systems to build a large amount of followers. We also see people sending messages and their links, tweeting about how great their business opportunity is and how much money you can make if you join them.

What we want to do is find people who are live and actually tweeting at that moment in time. With, you’re able to jump into those conversations and start giving real value relevant to the conversation.

I’m going to show you the exact same method I used to jump into your conversation. Before I do that, I’ll ask you this question. Which is of these is the most important?

  •  Is it your wall?
  • Is it your followers?
  • Is it your direct messages?
  • Or is it your conversation?

Whatever the answer is, it’s okay. However…remember that people have the ability to quickly look through the tweets and find out what is most important to them. The conversations that go on between users on Twitter seem to be the most important.

Think about what happened to you just now. You most likely were tweeting to someone on Twitter and I jumped into the conversation and now you’re reading this post. By the way, I’m sorry for interfering with your conversation. I couldn’t let you continue using Twitter without learning how to utilize these awesome strategies for yourself :-)

Now just imagine this…You jumping into someone’s conversations and sharing value relevant to that tweet in real time, with a live person who is tweeting.

What kind of conversations should you be looking for?

You should look for people who are discussing:

  • MLM or network marketing opportunities on Twitter;
  • Your specific MLM opportunity on Twitter;
  • MLM or network marketing in general;
  • Or making money online or any other topic.

You could say something like “I saw you tweeting about (whatever the topic is). This FREE video might be of interest to you (insert your website).”

You see, it really doesn’t matter because it is possible to be relevant, offer value and start building a relationship in real time while tweeting.

Just imagine being able to:

  •  Put your primary business in front of them while they are tweeting about the subject;
  • Put your blog post in front of them O
  • Or maybe your lead capture page helping you to build your marketing list.

Just think of all the possibilities…How much money do you think you could make with this strategy?

Now whenever you tweet, it goes out in real time and gets lost in thousands of tweets out there. Now when you use, you can type any topic or trending top in the search box. You can type in “Make money from home”, for example. You’ll then see literally all the people that are tweeting in real time about that topic.

Here’s how to leverage this tool:

  •  Pick out a tweet and reply to each person manually, driving them to your website, your blog, your lead capture page, or video.

You can also apply a second tool putting this strategy on auto pilot. Why not automate this entire process and completely dominate Twitter on auto pilot? This will give you time to market elsewhere to grow your business.

First you want to go to this site:

When you get to the site, it’ll ask you to register for your free account. Go ahead and do that.

After you login, you’ll get to a page where you can set the keywords you’re trying to target and every time someone tweets about that keyword, it’ll automatically send out your pre-written tweet to that person. It’s really incredible!

If you like what you’ve read so far, go to and there you will gain access to more marketing strategies to power your business to new levels. When you join my FREE Netdivvy Marketing & Training system, you will receive many more strategies for your success. I’m here to help you succeed.


Etieno Etuk

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