Why bother about creating great content?

Putting out great content is what attracts high quality prospects to you. As your prospects read the content you put out, they’ll be more likely to opt into your offer to become your lead and possibly purchase whatever you have to offer. This is why it is very important to crank out content of awesome value. The more valuable your content, the more likely it is that your targeted prospect will respond to your call to action.

The key to getting successful in creating content is consistency. You have to be consistently cranking out 5 to 7 pieces of content on a weekly basis for an extended period of time. It’s not enough to put out content daily for about two weeks and then not put out any more content for months. If you put out 5-7 pieces of content on a weekly basis for say about 6 months to a year, there is no way that you won’t get leads and make sales.

You’ve got to get into the heads of your target prospects. Figure out what they want, what they’re struggling with and what their common problems are.

In the Pro Blog Academy course, Ray Higdon outlines 3 killer methods for creating great content every single day. Here they are:

1. Use existing and new training: Look at your bookshelves. Pick three books/products you’ve never read for your niche. Decide why you bought that book and create one question you wanted to answer(there may be more than one). Do the exact same thing with webinars. Why did you attend the webinar? Think in your mind what problem you were trying  to solve by getting on the webinar. Always be thinking about what you can teach to others and how you can apply what they’re teaching out of the material. You literally have hundreds of blog posts in the books on your book shelf.

2. Ask people questions: You can do live presentations or webinars and ask people what their number one question is about the topic you’re getting ready to cover. Whenever you have writers block, you can go back to the questions asked by these people and get great content to write about. Use their questions as blog titles.

3. Use good Ol’ Barnes & Noble: It’s great to use this method whenever you have writers block. Just go to Barnes & Noble or any bookstore. Grab 3-6 interesting books from self-improvement, leadership, sales, marketing, etc. Look at the table contents and look for lists within the books and content to write or blog about. This method is awesome because it gets you out of the house to potentially meet new prospects. It’s unlimited source of content. It allows you to do offline marketing like drop cards or post it notes that you can shove inside the books that you’re reading at the bookstore. You could also use your local library as a source for great content.

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