I was searching the Internet for what I should share with you today that will help you in your network marketing business. I didn’t want to post just anything but something that will really resonate with you and get your creative juices flowing. I came across a post on my friend’s blog. The video below will show you what I mean. Now, what you want to do is watch the video in its entirety, then read the post to get the full gist of how these 3 mistakes cost this world-renowned musician $45,000 and how to avoid them in your business.

Let’s face it, we all have made our fair share of mistakes when it comes to marketing our network marketing business. But in the video above there were 3 marketing mistakes that will be absolutely fatal for your business if you don’t address them right away.

Imagine for a moment…

You are a Grammy Award winning musician who has played for royalty and sold-out audiences around the world. You normally get paid over $1,000 dollars per minute, but because of a few marketing mistakes you only earn $32 for a 45 minute performance.

This really happened.

Fortunately it didn’t happen by accident, but was an experiment conducted by The Washington Post in 2007.

What was the purpose of this experiment?

To find out if people when they are busy and distracted would notice that something special is taking place, would they be paying attention?

Grammy Award winner, Joshua Bell, one of the most talented musicians in the world, was to play a 45 minute concert in a D.C. subway station at the most busiest time of the day –early morning. This wasn’t an ordinary street musician. People would fly all over the world to listen to him play. He even played in front of royalty and sold millions of CDs.

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