People ask me this question very often: “How do you build a team whether online or offline?”

I had a mentor that did some extraordinary things in the home business/network marketing industry. I’ll never forget him telling me this. He said, “It’s very simple. To build a team, the first thing you need to do is build anticipation.”

The next step is to build the person, then build the process.

Do it in that order: build anticipation first.

The reason is because if you build anticipation first, people will be expecting. The more they expect, the more they are going to have faith that it’s going to come through. You’ve got to create an expectation that something is going to happen big.

Then you start building the person through encouragement, through education, through knowledge. You pour into them so that their expectation becomes more real to them as they grow as a person.

Then you build the process. This is the process of prospecting, contacting and following up. As you continue to build the process, you still should be building more anticipation as well as building the person bigger.

Because when you build anticipation, it’s going to give them a destination and a hope they never had before. When you build the person, it’s going to literally glue them to you because most people have never been poured into before; they’ve never been encouraged and empowered before.

Now, when you build the process, you’re pretty much in the trenches with them. Show them how to make the phone calls, show them how to do the 3 way calls, show them how to use social media to build their business etc.

The next thing you know, you’re going to have a team that’s loyal to you and duplicates that process and would literally follow you to the moon.

You’ve got to soak your team with leadership because everything rises and falls on leadership.

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