In this post, I will be sharing with you 4 “Bow Tie Killer” attraction marketing tips that will explode your business. Attraction marketing is very powerful and must be a part of your business for you to succeed in the Network Marketing/MLM industry. I was brought into the business because someone else used these techniques I’m about to share with you to attract me to what they were doing. Many of my mentors were brought into the business the same way.

My wife and I just watched the classic movie “Problem Child” starring John Ritter, Jack Warden, Michael Oliver on the Encore Family channel. I haven’t watched this movie in so many years. Now, I was a little busy at the time she was watching the movie but I heard something that caught my attention so I decided to sit down and watch it. A few minutes after I sat down to watch, I saw them show a copy of a newspaper with the caption “Bow Tie Killer Manhunt”. I never noticed that scene a few years ago when I first watched the movie. I got intrigued and just couldn’t get away from the TV until the movie was over (yeah I know…it’s crazy!).

In the movie, there is this kid whom everyone dreaded having around them because he was such a “problem”. He was placed with about 30 foster parents who all abandoned him because he was so bad. Ben Healy (John Ritter’s character) and his wife adopted this kid but he gave them so much trouble that they decided to go and talk to the administrator of the foster home they got him from. In the middle of their argument with the administrator, Ben Healy has an epiphany. He figures out that all this kid needs is love and attention and that everyone was giving up on this kid because that was the easy thing to do.

Isn’t it the same with most people? They usually want to cut corners and take the easy way out without doing the work required to get them to where they are trying to go. You can capitalize on this human trait by applying attraction marketing techniques to your business. This is the reason why ads that promise something for nothing get the highest responses because people are always looking to get something for nothing. If you understand how people think, you can design your marketing messages to help them acquire pleasure or avoid pain and move them towards buying from you or joining your team.

It struck me, after I finished watching the movie, how some words are so powerful and can get you to do something that you initially had no intentions of doing. There are words that are influential triggers that you can use within your marketing that people are genetically programmed to respond to at a subconscious level. They simply cannot help it.

Here’s a video done by one of my mentors, Vince Reed, that gives  you 4 “bow tie killer” attraction marketing tips that you can apply to your business right away to take your business to the next level.

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