If you prospect by making cold calls, asking for referrals, instant messenger communications, and e-mails you already know the importance of a qualified network marketing prospect. But what if there was a way to learn about your prospect and their needs and then figure out how you can meet those needs? Wouldn’t it make prospecting easier?

So who’s a good prospect and where in the world would we find them? A qualified prospect is a person who needs what you’re offering because it solves a problem they are currently dealing with. It’s soothes “An itch that they’re trying to scratch”, essentially. So how will your prospect find out if what you’re offering is going to help them in any way? That’s where good solid prospecting comes in to play.

First off, start by getting to know your prospect, or in other words, start doing some relationship marketing. Build a relationship with them and over time you’ll get a clear picture about them. This will make it easier to find out what they need. Also, in this way you’ll know if you want to work with them on your network marketing team. Frankly, some will let you know right away they aren’t interested. Some simply won’t understand how you could possibly help them out. Some prospects will even rule themselves out with their questions to you.

Watch the video below, made by one of my online mentors, Terry Petrovick. I trust you will get some value out of it.

Facebook gives you new friends and connections but it can waste a lot of your time. What you want to do is ensure that you don’t waste your time because it’s easy to spend hours on end when on Facebook or on any other social network.

The secret to success is consistency. Nothing will work if you do it on and off for a few days. So commit to a specific time every day and stick to it.

Here are some steps you can take:

Step 1: Add a friend on Facebook

Select a niche or something that you are interested in and search for it on Facebook. Join the group and evaluate the size of the group interested in that niche. Select friends in that group that interest you and add a one-line message to the invited friend. Make sure they know WHY you have requested them to be a friend e.g. “Hi First name, I see you are interested in horses. So am I. Let’s connect.” Making the connection is the first step in a process that you will follow and the end result of the process is a sale or someone you can sponsor.

Step 2: Become real to your prospects

Nearly 30% of all the prospects on your list will have a Facebook profile. Search for the prospects on Facebook and request them to be your friend using their visit to your website as the connection. This strategy will turn a cold prospect into a warm and buying prospect. This will increase your email opening and response rate as you will no longer be in category “Stranger” but be promoted to “Friend”.

Step 3: Say Hello to Your New Facebook friend

Make a video to welcome your new Facebook friend. Upload this video and add your new friend as a video tag to appear on your friends news feed. The video will be a ‘virtual” handshake. You will become absolutely real to your prospects.

Step 4: Happy birthday video with a tag

A birthday is a special day for everyone. Facebook informs you of a friend’s birthday. Use this information to stand out from the crowd by making a short video to congratulate your friend. Use video tagging to ensure friends of your friend can also view the video. This technique will give you stacks of viral exposure.

Step 5: Create a Facebook Group.

A Facebook group is like a coffee shop – a place where people come together to discuss similar interests. Create a space for people to connect and share about a relevant topic. Use the group platform to show your value in terms of lead generation and marketing tips. Offer information about training and set up events. Always remember to treat people with respect and add value in all your group interactions.

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