8 Ways to ‘WOW’ When it Matters

I came across a video by Darren Hardy, the publisher of SUCCESS Magazine and the author of the bestseller, “The Compound Effect“. I learned a bunch from this short video and decided to share it with you.

Here are 8 things I learned from the video below that can “WOW” people when it matters:

Darren Hardy

1. The difference between great achievers and mediocre achievers is in their level of preparation.

2. You can perform extraordinarily well through extraordinary preparation.

3. Always work on exceeding other people’s expectations of you.

4. Make your performance memorable.

5. Do things that would make people say, “WOW” out loud.

6. If performing at level “10” is excellent, go for a level “13”. Deliver WOW.

7. Pick 2 to 3 instances each week where delivering excellence would have its highest impact.

8. Prepare for excellence.

VIDEO: How to ‘WOW’ When it Matters

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