Avoid toxic people like drugs and just say “no.”

No matter what you do in life, no matter what you find yourself excelling at, there will always be a few people around who don’t get it. Maybe they don’t want to. Maybe they are envious. Maybe they are just plain ignorant.


The 4 Toxic Types To Avoid


First, you have to recognize them for what they are. Let’s start with the hater. This is a person who provides feedback, but it’s soaked in negativity. He or she is not interested in offering you encouragement or a compliment. That’s the person who wants to hurt you. He or she doesn’t have to have a reason. It’s just the way they are and the best thing to do is block haters from your life. Block their emails, block their friend requests and look at the caller ID on your phone and don’t take their call. Avoid toxic people like drugs and just say “no.”


The next kind to avoid is what is commonly referred to as the “armchair quarterback.” This is the person who doesn’t have a clue. He or she has never even played football or watched the pre-game shows. When he was in high school and was asked if he was going to the game, he thought you meant “Family Feud” and decided to pass. They like to watch other people do it and then comment as if they understand what it took for that person to build that website, design that building or start that business. They just want to watch. They have no interest in helping. Ignore them.

3.The Band-Wagoneers

These folks are kind of like groupies, they see your success and try to become a part of your team. They basically will endorse you, so they can come along for the ride, gratis. Be careful… you might not recognize them because they come with a brown (and smelly) nose!


These are the folks that bitch about everything and offer no solutions. All they do is complain. Every comment is negative and has no value. Let ‘em complain. Don’t respond and they will likely go away.

Your time is valuable. Don’t waste it on people who aren’t interested in supporting you. Keep the positive people around you and avoid the haters, talkers, band-wagoneers and whiners.

Source: Dr. Farrah Gray