“Our doubts are traitors” – Shakespeare

You might not think that doubt could have much of an effect on your life. But part of the damage that it creates is that it is so thoroughly etched onto your belief system that it becomes impossible to think any other way. Doubting our potential achievements, we proclaim with certainty just what is and what is not possible. But when doubt is banished, we come to a knowing that leads to creative and inspired solutions far beyond what we believed was possible.

With the attitude of doubt you are unable to successfully tread the path of your quest and realize yourself. You will need to deliberately and actively work at banishing doubt from your inner world. When it is removed from your thoughts, it will disappear from your outer world, and you will find yourself on a most satisfying inner and outer journey.

The presence of doubt can prevent you from achieving your full potential. Seven simple words describe why this is true: As you think, so you shall be. We do become what we think about all day long. Don’t allow your thoughts and actions to be dictated by doubt.

Permitting doubt is the same as having a traitor at the helm of your life. Doubt is a traitor because it uses limitations and shortcomings to influence the course of your life.

Can you imagine your reality if you were brought up in an environment free of doubt? How would your life be different if you had never heard, “It can’t be done,” “That’s not possible,” “Accept your limitations”? What if you had been encouraged to exercise the energy of your mind? You might have used that energy to explore your power to influence other beings, things, the weather, your creativity.

That may sound weird to you. But remember, you are assessing the possible and the impossible with doubts that automatically creep in when anyone suggests something you believe to be outlandish or absurd. If you had been fortunate to be raised without doubt, you would possess an incredible sense of your magnificence.

Never would you utter sentences that reflect doubt, such as: “I’m not talented enough,” “It can’t be done, get real,” and “Don’t you know there are limits to everything?” With doubt-free processes you would have had a handle on your divinity much earlier in life. You would have known your inner capacity to create the world and tackle social evils and ills with no doubts about your ability to create Utopia.

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