Life is full of things that try to push us down. We all face disappointments and setbacks. It’s easy to get discouraged and lose our enthusiasm. Too often, we just settle where we are. If we’re going to see our best, we have to have this bounce back mentality. That means that when you get knocked down, you don’t stay down, you get back up again.

It means don’t have a pity party and think life is just not fair when disappointments come and things don’t go your way, No. You shake it off and know that what was meant for your harm will be used for your good.

Keep Calm Bounce BackWhen you’re a bounce back person, you know that every adversity and setback is not permanent. Don’t sit around complaining and thinking about how bad it was and everything you lost. Instead of being discouraged by the difficulty, be encouraged by it knowing that you’re going to get double for your trouble.

In your blood is the DNA of a winner and overcomer. There is no obstacle too high to overcome. Nothing can keep you from your God-given destiny. Get your hopes up. You’re not average or ordinary.

When times get tough, you can’t sit back and feel sorry for yourself. You have to dig your heels in and have the attitude “I may be knocked down but didn’t get knocked out and I recognize that this setback is simply a setup for a greater comeback.”

Be like the palm tree in a hurricane. The wind blows and blows and takes down all the other trees around but the palm tree stays strong. No matter how strong the winds, the palm tree may be bent all the way with its tip almost touching the ground. It’s quite interesting to see that after the hurricane, the palm tree returns to its original form. When the palm tree is being stretched, bent and pushed over, its root system is strengthened and given new opportunities for growth. It comes back up stronger than it was before the storm.

The winds may be blowing in your life today. Your attitude should be “It’s just a matter of time before this turns around.” Don’t be worried or upset. When the storm’s over, you’ll come out stronger, healthier, increased and promoted. Have a bounce back spirit. No matter how hard the winds blow, they cannot uproot you, break you or topple you.

When the storms come and life gets difficult recognize that’s not your normal state. Don’t accept that as the way it is always going to be. It’s not permanent. It’s just a season. When those winds stop blowing, you’re going to rise right back up again because you have that bounce back power.

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