All of our feelings, beliefs and knowledge are based on our internal thoughts, both conscious and subconscious. We are in control, whether we know it or not.

Aim high and do your best

We can be positive or negative, enthusiastic or dull, active or passive.

The biggest difference between people is their attitudes.

Most folks are about as happy as they
make up their minds to be.” –
Abraham Lincoln

You must train your mind and develop the mental muscle and the will to resist the negativity that comes at you from all directions. Condition yourself to think positively, or you’ll go back to the pessimistic state of mind most people live in. If you don’t control your mind, it will control you.

Here are just a few steps you can take to guard your mind:

1. See things as they really are.
Do a mental checkup to make sure you have a true and clear picture of reality. It’s easy to lull yourself into thinking that your situation is worse than the truth. Ninety-five percent of what we worry about never happens, and the 5 percent that does happen is never quite as bad as we imagined. When you consistently take a negative view of situations you become overwhelmed and discouraged.
2. Be aware of your thoughts.
Are they positive and uplifting or negative and destructive? Consistently ask yourself, “Is this the type of thinking that empowers me and builds me up, or discourages me and makes me weak?” Self-awareness is the first step to making a change.
3. Get rid of any negative thoughts immediately.
It only takes a little bit of poison to kill success. Cancel negative thoughts by saying the words, “Cancel, cancel.”
4. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.
Keep your mind strong by feeding it positive thoughts of success. Anyone can find problems. If you want to be a top performer, choose to find the positive in every situation. You’ll find it if you look hard enough. If you practice these skills every day, eventually they will become habits, and you will exponentially change your ability to sell more and achieve all-star success. To win, you gotta think like a winner.

To think like a winner, you gotta:
•Visualize success
•Control your attitude
•Expect victory
•Guard your mind

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