How To Leverage The Power Of Blogging To Build Your Business

In the next couple of seconds, I will be sharing with you a powerful strategy that will take your blogging experience to the next level so pay close attention.

I used to wonder what the difference was between blogging and posting articles to article directories. Blog posts allow you to have fewer boundaries and there are no rules. You can pretty much put up what you want and say what you want to say. Articles are a little stricter, simply because they care about the content because you are typically writing on a website other than your own.

What you always want to remember is how important personal branding is. Blogging basically allows you to brand yourself as a leader and as an expert in a wide range of topics. Branding also allows you to be yourself and whatever you submit goes up immediately, unlike with article directories.

Building A List With Your Blog.

List building is an important element to growing a business because you want to develop and maintain a relationship with individuals who already know you, like you and trust you. If there is one thing you must have on your blog, it’s an opt-in form.

The search engine spiders “crawl” the Internet for fresh targeted content daily. The rule is that the more quality content you put out, the more times the search engine spiders will visit your website. These spiders are not the kind that crawl on you and build webs in the real world. They essentially are robots and codes that go around the Internet in search of updated, popular and quality content.

Keywords And Descriptions

My strategy is to submit at least 1 new blog post a day. This allows my blog to always have fresh content and keep my readers coming back for more. Now, you don’t have to blog everyday but make sure that you’re posting new content at least once a week.

When you submit content, in order to make that content search engine friendly, you have the ability to add keywords and descriptions for your post. What you want to do is be specifically targeted with your keywords and try not to have more than 5 keywords in your post. You don’t want to spam each article with a wide variety of keywords. For example, if you want to write about the topic “making money blogging”, we could have in the keyword section the terms “make money”, “make money blogging”, “how to make money blogging”…each separated by a comma and so on.

With descriptions, try to write the description in 1 or 2 sentences by simply explaining what the post is about. The description has to be targeted to the post.

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