Before we can experience the best in our lives, we must break the cycle of failure. How many times have we had this happen to us? We resolve to get out of debt, but instead we let our credit card balance get out of control – again. We say we want to improve our marriage, but then have a fight with our spouse – again. We plan to be more responsible with our money, but overspend – again.

It seems like the problems we deal with, we deal with over and over. We’re caught in a trap, a cycle of failure. Instead of going somewhere, we walk a treadmill – and our lives won’t change until we get off it.

The truth is that we learn more from pain than we could ever learn from the good things in our lives. Pain is possibly the best motivator you can have in life. Pain has an amazing way of helping us focus on what is really important. Pain is your greatest advantage. The pain you’re struggling with right now can help you. It can be an incredible mentor. Pain is a better motivator than pleasure will ever be. Pain will bring change in your life faster than anything else you’ll ever deal with.

Don’t run away from pain. Let it be your wake-up call – and then begin to change your life by recognizing and breaking your cycle of failure.

Reaching the threshold of pain will lead you to a decision. It will make you cry out, “Enough! I’m ready to do whatever it takes to break this cycle.” Unfortunately, most of us seem to have a very high pain threshold. We ignore pain or get numb to it.

When you fail to handle one problem, it multiplies. Soon you have two, then three, then four, maybe five, maybe ten problems.

Acknowledge the pain you’re facing. Experience it. Then do whatever God directs you to do to change. We must look into the future – the future pain that we will experience if we do nothing to change – and face it today.

When you peer into your future and see your situation is worse, it motivates you to say “That is enough!”

Start making changes now.

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