Etieno Etuk Featured by CNN: “24 hours at the world’s busiest airport”

Etieno Etuk Featured by CNN: “24 hours at the world’s busiest airport”

At the end of this post, there will be a very juicy video that will cut down your success learning curve, by teaching you the 10 -10 investment plan. The catch is that you have to read the entire post to get the really juicy stuff…Sorry, it’s my way or the highway! :-) :-)
Let’s jump right into it. There is an article published by CNN a few years ago about me. I was on my way back to my home in Houston via a flight from Nigeria in West Africa. I had to change planes in Atlanta, Georgia, and was so frustrated that I had to be harassed by immigration officials at that airport. That’s when these guys from CNN came to interview me. I felt I was singled out because I was coming in from Nigeria. Anyway, the CNN agents were subtle and acted friendly, asking me several questions that seemed foolish to me at the time, but I proceeded to answer their questions and to tell them how disappointed I was about the process at that airport.
I was quite surprised at how the editors at CNN(who wrote the story on their website) spun it from a very negative vantage point to paint me as a criminal who was smuggling fish into the US, just because of the simple fact that I was on my way to Houston from Nigeria. I bet they got great reviews for writing the story. This is very typical of the western media, who are quite hostile towards people of African descent. If you don’t believe me, just read the headlines on news outlets when they are talking about any of the countries located on the African continent.

This is one of the major reasons I don’t watch to the news. One of my mentors, Mr. Darren Hardy (of Success Magazine), taught a few years ago to avoid the news at all costs. He spoke particularly about Mr. Wolf Blitzer, whose expertise is painting the picture that the world is being taken over by #terrorists. He has really mastered that craft!

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Start Again

Start again

“If the day starts off with disappointment or frustration, start again. Take a few seconds to re-boot your attitude to a more positive and effective one.

What happened before does not have to drag down what is happening now. Look in the direction you wish to proceed and let go of everything else.

Plenty of people can be annoying but you don’t have to be annoyed. All sorts of situations can be frustrating but you don’t have to be frustrated.

Rise above all that. There is great, unique value in your life and that value deserves to be expressed and experienced by you, here, today.

You have love to give, joy to live, achievements to bring to the world, and a whole lot of other important things to do. Put your energy into what lifts you up and pushes you forward.

The world is as it is, and you can decide to be better for it, more motivated, more determined and more effective. As often as necessary, take the opportunity to start again, and bring your special goodness to all of life.”

— Ralph Marston

Jay Z on How Anyone could have been Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey or Warren Buffett

I came across this video and felt I should share it with you my friend. Enjoy

Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments section below.

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My Bible Was Signed By Malcolm X!









I came across a video and also read an article in Forbes Magazine entitled “Moses Signed My Bible” by Tom Post. These two inspired me to write this quick post on my blog. In the article, Tom Post said that autographed first editions are a cool way to collect rare books and that forgers think so too.

This means that original autographed first editions are more valuable many years after they were first autographed. Sometimes they sell for thousands of dollars many years after they were autographed.

I quote him here: “Several years ago, in a fit of Bibliophilia that still afflicts me, I started buying earlier versions of some favorite titles. While trawling on Ebay, I caught sight of what purported…to be a signed first edition of Robert Penn…”

The video I share below is an original video and evidently is worth much more now than it was when it was first recorded. It is quite controversial. I noticed that the video had a lot of comments on Youtube so I decided to post it on here.

Don’t let anyone kill your dreams, no matter who that person is. Keep dreaming and one day it will become reality!

Let me know what you think about the video and this post in the comments section below.

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ESPN’s disgraceful exit from US Open Trophy ceremony?

I came across this video and noticed the number of comments it received on Youtube. I thought I’d share it on my blog and find out what my friends think about the video. Feel free to watch the video on Youtube as well so you can get the big picture :-)

Do you think ESPN made a smart business move?

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How Adam Bernhard Is Making $100 MILLION In Retail. Yes, Retail

Who says no one is shopping? In just three years, entrepreneurs like Adam Bernhard have created a new retail niche – private sample-sale websites – that has grown into a $1 billion business and changed the way America shops.

I recently came a cross an article written by Booth Moore in the September 2010 edition of the Entrepreneur. He talks about Adam Bernhard, who still has the second-hand sofa he was sleeping on when he started his company three years ago – it’s right across from his desk in downtown Los Angeles offices of HauteLook. Downstairs, in a maze of studioes, photographers and stylists are shooting the high-end skinny jeans and slouchy hand bags that are making Bernhard a fortune.

I strongly recommend you pick up a copy of this magazine and read this article by Booth Moore. You’ll learn a great deal about how to create your own $100 Million Cash Cow. The Entrepreneur is a magazine that will give you business insights and ideas and also keep you entertained at the same time.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Be on the lookout for more interesting articles from me.

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Attn: HOME BUSINESS OWNERS. How would you like to make $4 million? How about $25 million?

Attn: HOME BUSINESS OWNERS. How would you like to make $4 million? How about $25 million? It’s easy.

Find Osama Bin Laden’s head and you will be paid that much and more.

He’s the reason we’re in a recession.

What are your thoughts on this issue?

Leave your comments below.

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The Power of Words (A Message To Hip Hop Artists)

Thanks for watching.

Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Disclaimer: By the way, the views in the video do not necessarily reflect the views of the owners of this website :-) Freedom of speech is awesome. This is copy writing at its finnest. Subscribe to my channel and I’ll share some tips. Enjoy.

Pillows (Good Feeling)?

I came across the video below a few minutes ago and thought I’d share it. It has nothing to do with building your home business but it has everything to do with building your business :-)

You’ll get that in a minute.

Watch the video to the end to get the message, then leave a comment below to let me know what you learned from the video.

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