For success to be real, you must make it a part of your life. It’s not enough to fantasize about your goal as some distant dream – a hoped-for future event that you may some day get around to. If your plan is to get ahead, you must consciously commit to that. Without paying enough attention, your intention for it will be empty.

If you want to create something concrete in your life, it must take a real hold in your consciousness. If you can’t consistently and purposely focus on the pursuit of your goal, then your intentions will falter, wandering off in all sorts of directions.

To achieve successful manifestation of your goal, you must have the following three things:

  1. A vivid image and emotional experience of the desired outcome. You must be able to see the end results clearly, and you must be able to place yourself squarely in the center of that image with all the accompanying joyous emotions.
  2. A clear understanding of the specific process required to pursue your goal. You need to know exactly what getting to your desired outcome entails.
  3. A complete willingness to commit to both the process and the goal – whatever that may mean in terms of time, effort, focus, and priority. This kind of commitment is the determination to prioritize your dream over habits, distractions, fears, addictions, and even immediate gratification.

Life has a way of taking over – often pushing our goals out of the picture entirely. We can easily become distracted by daily necessities and by our own habits and indulgences. Practically anything in our daily routine can become a rut, from when we get up and what we eat for breakfast to what we do after work and how we spend our free time.

Eventually, these patterns begin to rule our lives, and many become so deeply indoctrinated that we never even think twice about them.

More often than not, pursuing an important goal requires greater effort, and success demands even more! It takes extra time, a more dedicated focus, and a greater desire to make your purpose a priority. You must consciously engage your power of choice and actually make your goal a part of your daily habits. Then the action you take, the priorities you set, will become a spontaneous part of both your life and your nature.

This is what real commitment is all about.

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