How To Conquer Overwhelm

One of the most recurring themes and problems that arises in the entrepreneur’s journey is that of overwhelm. That of feeling that there are so many options, so many different programs, and it can be very overwhelming to work through. I just wanted you to know that if you’re experiencing overwhelm in your business right now, that it is totally common. You’re not the only one. We all at some point have that feeling of pressure when there is so much to do.

So what do you do in that case? What do you do to work through overwhelm to get to the other side where you’re feeling at peace and calm and able to move forward in your business?

There are different stages where you feel overwhelm. One of them is when you’re just getting started in the business. Everything is new and you’re learning so much and there are so many different marketing, social media marketing, pay-per advertising, blogging, video marketing, attending meetings & networking events, etc. These things could make it seem like there is so much to do and could become very overwhelming.

For me personally, when I first got started, I would feel that way. I had mentors and every week there was a new strategy, training videos to watch, webinars or meetings. I was learning so much but was starting to wonder how I was going to implement all of the things that I was learning. I didn’t know which one to do first. I was absorbing all of the new information, but wasn’t taking action on any of them because there was too much loaded on me at one time.

Fortunately, I realized that it was not working. What I did was focus on one marketing strategy to start with and that was blogging. I didn’t focus on other strategies. I was writing maybe, 3 or 4 blog posts a day to really build the momentum and build a presence online. This brought incredible results for me in my business. This happened because I made the decision to tune out some other things that were not as relevant and really focus and hone in on one core strategy.

Of course, once I got going with blogging, I was able to branch out and do other things when my plate was a little more clear. So if you’re in that stage and you’re new and feel like there’s just so much being thrown at you right now, I highly encourage you to really look at your vision for what you’re creating in your business and where you want to go. Focus on what those next steps are and choose one core direction to focus your energy to start with. If you try doing all sorts of different things all at once, your energy is going to be diffused all over the place and you’re not going to get as powerful of a result as you have the potential to create.

I suggest to hone in on one or two areas to start. You also want to look at the priorities in your life because often times we get caught up in the hype and buzz of what’s going on in the industry and in all these different programs that it could be very easy to be swept off track if you don’t stay focused.

Think about your long term vision. What do you really want to create in your business and what is most relevant for you to get there? Anything else that’s coming in that is not immediately relevant or applicable, let it go for a while. It will always be there. It’s in your best interest to focus on what’s most relevant and focus your energy in that direction only.

What you want to do is reframe what you think about overwhelm and instead focus on one foot at a time as you take the journey toward success in your business. This will help reduce the stress in your life and cause you to live a healthier lifestyle. If you need to unplug for a few mins and maybe go take walks to relax…do that. It’s very helpful.

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