Act Like A King, And You Will Be Treated As One.

By Dr. Yomi Garnett

“………Is it not written in your Laws, I have said you are gods?”
John 10:34 (NIV)

It was the tradition in Ethiopia that young princes from different noble families in the realm be brought to live in the palace for a few years for instruction in royal etiquette and protocol. This seemingly constrained scope of training was in fact a thoughtfully contrived façade that concealed a more articulately-designed curriculum in the art of strategic leadership and warfare, and one in which the young princes were subtly pitted against each other for the dual purpose of honing their leadership skills and grooming potential successors to the throne. In many respects, the entire exercise was an Imperial talent hunt of sorts.

Very early in the last century, a young boy, a son of Ras Makonnen, Governor of Harar Province in South-East Ethiopia, was a member of this elite class of princes. His name was Lij Tafari Makonnen, and he was brought to live at the Imperial Court in 1906, at the age of fourteen. Right from the outset, it was patently clear that this particular prince was a cut above the rest. He carried himself with uncommon dignity, exuding a supreme confidence that was not only a rare attribute for that tender age, but which far surpassed that exhibited by the older princes. His speech was impeccable and he had a studious and rather bookish demeanor which gave him an air of scholarly prestige.

IMG_7233The young prince’s grace under pressure, his self-confidence and his regal bearing all came to the notice of the eagle-eyed, reigning monarch, Emperor Menelik II. Soon enough, he became the Emperor’s favorite protégé, eliciting intense envy amongst his peers in the palace, by reason of which he became the brunt of cruel and malicious bullying by princes who felt sidelined by Tafari’s privileged closeness to the Emperor. In the face of this relentless and extreme provocation, he maintained a calm disposition, resolutely refusing to react in anger. Ironically, Tafari was not even a particularly strong contender to the throne as he was so far down the line of succession to be given any serious consideration.

His self-confidence and royal bearing attracted a respectful acknowledgement from palace courtiers that he would one day rise to the top. As It were, he acted as if he were already at the top. This seemingly prophetic declaration by his admirers unwittingly and uncannily played itself out in a self-fulfilling manner when in 1930, he was crowned Emperor of Ethiopia, assuming the name Haile Selassie, which translates to “Power of the Trinity.” He was to rule Ethiopia for some forty eventful years.

Selassie was to further display his ability to endure the seemingly unendurable, when in 1934, the Italian Fascists took forceful occupation of Ethiopia, chasing him into exile in England. In what has, to this day, remained one of the most glorious and epochal points of his reign, he appeared at the League of Nations in Geneva, on June 30th, 1936 to plead his country’s case. He was to hold the international community spell-bound for four hours with an impassioned and solemn speech against the use of chemical weapons by Italy against the Ethiopian people. Throughout his speech, the Italians in his audience hurled vulgar insults and abuse at him. He maintained a dignified and aloof comportment, refusing to acknowledge their verbal attack. His uncommon poise and grace under this provocative verbal assault made the Italians seem even uglier, and elevated him to the status of a statesman of unequalled and unparalleled stature.
He was restored back to his throne in 1941.


Children are great people. In their insufferable innocence, they approach life with an infectious exuberance, demanding and expecting their every whim and caprice to be met. They cannot see limitations. This is the true nature of man. He was created to have dominion over his environment. But then, as the child grows older, having experienced so many rebuffs and failures, his psyche starts to set up boundaries which only become more rigid with time, gradually eroding his earlier, innate confidence. That is why, as an adult, you now find yourself pusillanimously trudging through life, bowing, scraping and apologizing for the simplest of requests.
You were actually destined for the great things of life. You are receiving, and sadly, making do with the crumbs from the table of life for one reason only.

You have lost your true nature.

Today, I challenge you to step out boldly with confidence, and seize your natural inheritance.

Step out regally.

Let me hasten to add that a regal, confident bearing must not be confused with arrogance. Arrogance, in reality, does nothing but cast a pall of insecurity over you.

Life will give you only what you ask of it. No more. No less.
Plead your case for abundance, and even when you are turned down, you would still have earned respect for your confidence, and will eventually reap dividends in due season.

Always elevate your expectations.

Refuse to entertain mediocre ambitions. This is because weak dreams can only inspire weak efforts. View the world as a pyramid of people struggling with each other. Since you are human, you must be a part of this struggle. You have no choice in the matter.

However, you do have the power of choice in the matter of where to fight.

Refuse to fight your own battle at the bottom of the pyramid. It is much too crowded down there. Go straight to the top for your own fight. It is easier up there.

God, in His infinite wisdom, created you in His own image, and because of this, you embody the full splendor of His finest attributes, and so every one of your worthy desires can be fulfilled through your God-given abilities.

The reason why most of us hanker after, and seem content, with small rewards is because we are shackled down by a largely-unarticulated belief that we are not worthy of the best that life can offer.

Step out with confidence and faith in your worthiness to receive the very best that your creator can give you.

Be overcome with your self-belief.

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.

Your inner reality will have no choice than to take the form of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

To become confident with each passing day, you will need to cultivate certain qualities. These are: calmness, imperturbability, inner peace, poise, serenity, and tranquility.

Permit me to teach you a very simple strategy for developing these qualities:
Twice a day, and for only five minutes, renew yourself by sitting quietly in meditative silence.
Envision yourself as being part of a peaceful scene.
This could be a beautiful, green park, or the bank of a placid lake, or even, your own garden at the back of your home.
Repeat these three statements to yourself:
“God’s peace is flooding my body, my mind and my soul.”
“Nothing can frighten me. Nothing can disturb me. For everything passes away except God, and God alone is sufficient.”
“In quietness and confidence lies my strength.”

Experience peace and calm. Step out boldly to claim the bounties of life.


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