It’s important to develop an overflow mentality. We’re not supposed to just have our needs supplied. We’re supposed to be so blessed that when other people get around us, it overflows on to them. We should be a blessing to others.

If we’re going to live life in abundance, we’ve got to have an overflow mentality. You’ve got to know that it’s God’s dream for you to prosper. We were never created to barely get by. We weren’t created to have to constantly struggle. Don’t settle where you are. All through the day remind yourself that God takes pleasure in prospering you.

Of course we all go through times of testing. There are seasons that we don’t see any increase and that we’re not getting any good breaks. Know this. Seasons always change. That means we’re not supposed to constantly struggle. It is not your destiny to always be in lack and never have enough. At some point, the test will come to an end. At some point, you will go from sowing into reaping.

But if we’re not careful because we’ve struggled so long and have not seen the results and increase that we’ve hoped for, it’s easy to lose our fire and passion and think that’s it’s never going to happen. No! Don’t settle where you are. You’ve gone through sowing. Now you have to start believing that harvest is coming your way.

Start thinking overflow. Even if your family has always struggled or your parents have never had enough, know that this is a new day. You can set a new standard and be the one that breaks the curse of lack in your family line. You have seeds of greatness on the inside of you right now. You have been equipped with everything you need to succeed.

You may be in poverty today but don’t let poverty get into you. Hold your head up high. Know that you are a child of the creator of the Universe. That may be the way it has been but that’s not the way it’s going to stay. You are coming up higher and will see God’s favor in a greater way. You’re going to see your gifts and talents come out like they’ve never come out before.

Stay in faith. It’s just a matter of time before it comes to pass. Your year will be crowned with a bountiful harvest. That’s my prayer for you. No matter how it looks right now you’ve got to start speaking by faith that you are blessed and have God’s favor and that everything you touch prospers.

Don’t program yourself to think cheap. You are a person of excellence. Realize who you are and get rid of that barely-get-by mentality. If you don’t, it will keep you from coming into overflow.

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