Etieno Etuk Featured by CNN: “24 hours at the world’s busiest airport”

Etieno Etuk Featured by CNN: “24 hours at the world’s busiest airport”

At the end of this post, there will be a very juicy video that will cut down your success learning curve, by teaching you the 10 -10 investment plan. The catch is that you have to read the entire post to get the really juicy stuff…Sorry, it’s my way or the highway! :-) :-)

Let’s jump right into it. There is an article published by CNN a few years ago about me. I was on my way back to my home in Houston via a flight from Nigeria in West Africa. I had to change planes in Atlanta, Georgia, and was so frustrated that I had to be harassed by immigration officials at that airport. That’s when these guys from CNN came to interview me. I felt I was singled out because I was coming in from Nigeria. Anyway, the CNN agents were subtle and acted friendly, asking me several questions that seemed foolish to me at the time, but I proceeded to answer their questions and to tell them how disappointed I was about the process at that airport.

I was quite surprised at how the editors at CNN(who wrote the story on their website) spun it from a very negative vantage point to paint me as a criminal who was smuggling fish into the US, just because of the simple fact that I was on my way to Houston from Nigeria. I bet they got great reviews for writing the story. This is very typical of the western media, who are quite hostile towards people of African descent. If you don’t believe me, just read the headlines on news outlets when they are talking about any of the countries located on the African continent.

This is one of the major reasons I don’t watch to the news. One of my mentors, Mr.
Darren Hardy (of Success Magazine), taught a few years ago to avoid the news at all costs. He spoke particularly about Mr. Wolf Blitzer, whose expertise is painting the picture that the world is being taken over by #terrorists. He has really mastered that craft!

Etieno on CNN

Video: Darren Hardy’s 10 – 10 Investment Plan

You can read the CNN article featuring Mr. Etieno Etuk  at:

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