Many of us work hard, or work for years, or both, without feeling any love for the work we do. We trade the time of our lives for a paycheck – and certainly, all of us need our paychecks – but too often we are living like a paycheck is worth living for.

Of course, as a matter of principle, we know better. We would all admit the truth that life should be more than a paycheck – even as our quest for pay dominates our lives. Some of us wonder how to find more in life beyond our jobs and our salary. Our hearts tell us that there’s more. Many of us feel incomplete or unfulfilled. But we find it hard to identify what we’re missing.

Passion is what we’re missing. Understanding, honoring, and acknowledging what drives and motivates us is absolutely key to living a satisfying life. Many of us ignore our passions. We sacrifice and separate from what we are really motivated to do, as we settle into doing the work we can find to support ourselves and our families in the best way possible.

Once we get in touch with our passion, or at least learn its name, our lives are often transformed, and our degree of attachment to our lives is shifted. Tuning into what really motivates us leads us to opportunities that will fulfill us in multiple ways. Finding a way to shape our lives around our own energy and motivation can mean the difference between surviving and thriving.

Passion solves problems. You’ve no doubt heard amazing stories about how someone’s life was transformed by discovering and attending to his or her passions. In fact, I argue that the most amazing shifts in people’s lives have passion as an ingredient. What about you? Do you know what stirs your soul? Have you followed your instincts – even when others recommended otherwise? Have you discovered the work, hobby, activity, or cause that brings you peace, satisfaction, calm, or joy?

Passion keeps you going. Passion keeps you strong. Dare to find your passion and let your passion fuel your life. Be intentional about your purpose in life. You can know your passion without taking action. But when you intentionally incorporate your passion into your actions and decision-making, you permit yourself to become more whole.

Expect to get stronger. Define, acknowledge, and act on your passion, which will bring you much closer to who you really are, and who you hope to become. Be directed on the journey of life.  Look to your passion to help you chart your course and to strengthen your resolve that you have chosen correctly.

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