I thought I’d share this real quick. Mack Collier recently published an insightful article that explores 5 reasons why no one online likes you on Twitter:

1 – Everyone can see that you are in it for the numbers, not the people.  Twitter is like any other social media tool, it works best when people are SOCIAL in their intent. Amassing a large number of followers so you can beam messages at them rarely works, and almost never works for businesses that are trying to build awareness.  If you want people to follow you, treat them as such.

2 – You understand social media, but you don’t understand how to be ‘social’.  I continue to be fascinated to see how people that are supposedly ‘experts’ in social media, use these tools to be interact with others.  To me, being social on Twitter means that you are inviting interaction.  That you are giving people a reason to want to open a dialogue with you.  Even when you make a point, you can discourage communication in how you relay that point to others.  If your tone is constantly ‘I am right, here’s why’, then people will tend to shutdown communication.  If your tone is ‘Here’s what I think, what’s your take?’, then people are encouraged to act.  The tools will only function properly if you know how to use them.

3 – You don’t listen.  Here’s a secret for getting more followers on Twitter: ALWAYS understand that the people that are following you, are smarter (as a group), than you are.  The lesson here is that there is VALUE in the opinions of others.  You can always learn something from others on Twitter.

Full must-read article at Mack Collier.

P.S. Let us know other steps that have worked for you. Kindly share them in the comments section. Thanks.