I just went through my copy of the “Building on a Budget” course and thought I’d share with you a few tips that I have found very useful in building my business.

How Does [One] Get Paid to Prospect?

Your main goal is to generate leads for your business as it grows, and turn those leads into cash using a Funded Proposal.

The Entire Process Starts with your lead capture page:

A lead capture page is a website designed to “capture” your prospect’s contact information in exchange for something of value, such as an audio, video, or a report.

As you send traffic to your capture pages, some of that traffic will opt in to your capture form, and become a lead. This person has now entered your Marketing Funnel, where you can communicate with them over time. If this lead is your targeted person and they really want your information, they will definitely buy your product. Start out with a product that doesn’t cost too much. Let’s say $30, $40…or something in that range that people are willing to pay in order to access information that can help them solve a problem they are facing.

All you have to do from this point is stay in constant contact with them using your auto responder and build rapport with them. This is important because people will only buy from people they know, like and trust.

Every time you make a sale using a Funded Proposal, you make a commission. Your commissions will build over time. Once you make a sizable amount of money from your Funded Proposal, you can then take that money and go promote your primary business opportunity to a more targeted group.

Let’s say, you have a gardening business. You don’t want to pitch people on joining your gardening business the first time you meet them. You would use your Funded Proposal to teach them how to plant better types of flowers or how to keep their flowers fresh during the winter season or just anything like that.

Learn to give before you can get.

Now, they may find your stuff useful and will pay you for it. Then you would take that money and go promote your business in a gardening magazine, for example. This means, you’re not taking money out of your pocket to market your business. I hope you get the point.

Funded Proposals allow prospects to come in and fund that whole process for you. The big money is never on the front-end. It’s always on the back end.

There are several Funded Proposals out there. You can even go out and build your own. However, if you don’t want to do that, I highly recommend you start with one that I use. It’s called the “Building On A Budget Course”. This is a course that has taught me many ways of generating free traffic for my websites even on a Shoe String Budget. Just to let you know, I might be compensated by some of the companies or products I promote on my website. Some of them may pay me a commission if you buy their products.

If you forget anything else I’ve shared on this website, remember this growth equation…

The sale of a Funded Proposal offer = Free advertising = Free leads = Endless free business growth.

How to Turn Your Business into a Cash Generating Machine

Drive Traffic  ==> Lead Capture Page ==> Make money on your Sales Page ==> Make money through Direct Response Marketing (using emails that offer tools, training, products, business opportunities, systems etc)

The thing that makes the formula above work is helping others, offering & sharing value and building relationships.

These strategies and tactics have turned my business around and I hope that you will memorize and apply them for yourself.

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