I was in a Mastermind session earlier today and learned a couple of key components to the game of prospecting and would like to share some of them with you. To get the rest, you have to get my book :-) Just kidding.

There is one very important thing you want to apply starting right now. Can you guess what it is?


When you smile, you become more attractive to other people than when you frown. Get good at smiling. There are some of you out there who haven’t smiled in years. Remember this. The people who smile the most and who are always happy make the most money. That’s the truth whether you agree with it or not.

Key fact: People do business with those they know, like and trust!

What you want to do is develop the right skills required to understand the game of prospecting. Yes it’s really a game and you can have it down to a science by learning from a true prospecting master.

If the people you know could make you rich, guess what? You would already be rich. You’ve got to watch the people you hang around because they will make or break you. Your income is the average of the incomes of the 5 people you hang around the most. Be sure to upgrade your relationships.

A good book that can teach you the art of prospecting and relating with people is a book called “Skill with people” by Les Giblin. Another good book is “How to win friends & influence people” by Dale Carnegie.

Learn to give people sincere compliments. Also get good at asking questions. Questions are the answer. If you ask your prospects the right questions, they’ll open up and tell you how to recruit them. Oprah Winfrey became a billionaire just by asking questions. She learned the skill and mastered it. Guess what? You can too.

There are 2 phases to prospecting:

  1. Meeting.
  2. Connecting.
Without relationship and results, your message cannot be received. You’ve got to learn how to create relationships and create results so that people become receptive to your business and lifestyle message.
Make sure you’re dressed for success because it’s not always about what’s taught but it’s about what’s caught. Some of you will get that in a minute :-) Read that sentence again real slow.
If you’re a guy and you are prospecting a woman, be sure to stay within the parameters of success. Compliment her shoes, hair, jewelry, accessories, glasses, etc. Stay away from complimenting features on her physique. Say something like “My wife (or significant other) would love those shoes, purse, etc”. It’s a known fact that women are great evangelists for promoting businesses, be it in the network marketing industry, or outside of it.

 If you’re a woman and you’re prospecting a guy and he gives you a compliment. Say something like “My husband (or future husband) likes that about me”.  This lets them know that you’re off limits so they don’t agree to meet with you later with the wrong intentions. After you answer a question or respond to a compliment, immediately take control of the conversation by asking them a question. Remember this. Whoever asks the question is in control of the conversation.

 Also know this. How you get somebody into your business is how he’s going to do the business. If you’re professional, he or she is going to act professional, and vice versa.  This is a relationship business so you want to carry yourself with a certain level of decorum. Don’t ask me what means :-)

In the course of prospecting, you can use an ice-breaker like:

“Where are you from originally?”

When they answer, you could say something like “Me & my business partners are in the process of expanding to (whatever city they told you)”.
Be sure to maintain eye contact from the neck & above because that tells your prospect that you’re actively listening to what they are saying.

I’ll pause here for now and hope that you’ve gotten some value out of this post. If you have, go ahead and share some prospecting tips that you have found useful as you have built your business over time.

Have a great weekend!



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