In life, we all face mountains – in our finances, marriage, health etc. A lot of times we’re praying about our mountains saying things like “God please help me, God please make my child straighten up” etc. It’s good to pray and ask God to help us. But when you face a mountain, it’s not enough to just pray. It’s not enough to just believe or think good thoughts. Here’s the key, you’ve got to speak to your mountains.

“Whoever will say to this mountain, be removed and does not doubt in his heart, he will have what he says” – Mark 11:23.

Often times, we pray about things we should be speaking to. We don’t need to pray about that fear anymore. We need to say something like this: “Fear, I command you to leave, I will not allow you in my life”.

Instead of begging God to heal you, you need to talk to that sickness “Sickness you have no right in my body. I’m a child of the most high God. You are not welcome here. I’m not asking you to leave. I’m not asking you to do me a favor. I’m commanding you to leave my body.”

If you’ve got to have mountain moving faith, you’ve got to speak to your mountains. If you don’t talk to your mountains, your mountains will talk to you. All through the day those negative thoughts like “you’re never going to get well, you’re never going to get out of debt”. That’s your mountain talking to you. Either you can sit back and believe those lies or you can rise up and say “Wait a minute, I’m in control here. I’m not going to let my mountain talk to me. Mountain I’m saying to you be removed. You will not defeat me.”

It’s not a coincidence that God used mountains to represent our problems. Mountains are big. Mountains seem permanent like they’re going to be there forever. If you’ll start speaking to your mountains, you’ll discover that they are not permanent.

When you speak words of faith, something happens in the unseen realm. Chains are broken, the forces of darkness are defeated and the enemy begins to tremble. When you say “sickness you’ve got to go, debt you cannot stay in my life, depression you will not steal my destiny” in the authority of the Son of the Living God, then all the forces of heaven come to attention. The mighty armies of the unseen most high God will come behind you. No power can stand against our God, not even sickness, addiction, fear etc.

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Your Partner In Success,

Etieno Etuk

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