How we see ourselves will determine what kind of life we’re going to live. Too many people go around with low self esteem and a poor self image. It’s because they don’t understand who they really are. You were born to win but society has a way of conditioning us to lose – through failures, rejection and mistakes we’ve made. If we’re not careful it will start to distort the true image of who we really are.

You were never created to be average. You weren’t created to just drag through life and barely get by. You have the blood of a champion on the inside. God created you in His own image. You can overcome any obstacle and accomplish any goal you set for yourself.

One step to living a life of victory is to understand who you really are. Think about championship race horses. They breed them with other champions. Many times, these thoroughbreds have generation after generation of winners in their blood. When the little colt is born, it may not look like much. Its legs may be wobbly. It may not be super attractive. But the owners don’t get discouraged. They’re totally confident knowing that the little colt has winner after winner in its blood.

That’s the way you need to see yourself. You may have some flaws and weaknesses. You may not be the most talented or the most intelligent. That’s okay because in your bloodline, you come from a bloodline of winners. You may not see it right now but in your DNA is strength, wisdom, ability, fortitude. You are full of can-do power.

You are not ordinary. You come from a bloodline of champions. It doesn’t matter what your present situation looks like. That doesn’t change your DNA and what was put in your blood. It was put in you by the creator of the universe.

Quit focusing on your weaknesses or the mistakes you’ve made and start seeing yourself as God sees you. As far as God is concerned, He has already crowned you as a champion. He’s already seen them put the roses on you in the winners circle. You’ve been predestined to win and overcome.

It’s so important that you have the right image of yourself on the inside. If you don’t understand who you are and what has been put in you, then it will start to distort that perception. This holds many people back.

You’ve got to realize that you’re one of a kind. There’s no one else in the world like you. You need to start seeing yourself as empowered, equipped and full of possibility.

Other people don’t determine your destiny. God does. Somebody may have rejected you or done you wrong. That’s okay. That’s their problem. The good news is God accepts you and approves you. You’ve got to shake that off and not allow it distort the image in your mind. No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.

Be sure to stay on the offensive and keep the right image in your mind or else life will try to condition you to lose.

Remember that you were born to win.

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