I recently watched the movie, The Incredible Hulk (the one with Edward Norton as the Hulk), and learned a few things I’d like to share with you.

In the movie, there is the ‘Hulk’ and there’s the Hulk’s nemesis ‘The Abomination’. The ‘Hulk Smash’ is Hulk’s catchphrase. Hulk gets his butt kicked a couple of times by the Abomination. He eventually gets tired of it and decides to apply the Hulk Smash to eventually defeat the Abomination.

I liken this scenerio to what happens in our minds. We have the positive mindset and we have the negative mindset. Whichever one manifests itself is dependent on which one we feed. Sometimes, we have to get to a point where we become sick and tired of all the negative crap that’s going on in our lives. At that point, we have to apply the ‘Hulk Smash’ to get rid of the ‘Abomination’ in our minds (if you know what I mean).

If you’re broke, you have to get to the point where you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired of being broke. At that point, you must impose your will and break out of a poverty mindset into that of abundance. You do that by changing the music in your head. Whether you like it or not, you’re being spoken to either by the positive(the Hulk) or the negative(the Abomination). You get your breakthrough if you listen to the positive and shun the negative.

The problem is that sometimes the negative is so strong that you have to apply the ‘Hulk Smash’ to breakthrough and
silence the negative music that’s playing in your head.

Watch the video below that shows some clips of the movie.

The very same strength of the incredible Hulk lies within you. You’ve got to believe that you can do more than you can even imagine possible for yourself. Believe in yourself and you will succeed!

Remember, this my friend, whatever you focus on expands. If you focus on the good, you get more good. If you focus on the bad, that’s exactly what you’re going to attract into your life.

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