So How Do You Generate The Best MLM Leads?

Leads are the lifeblood of any MLM business, and are necessary for building a profitable MLM organization. The problem with most MLM leads though, is that they are more like ‘suspects’ than they are ‘prospects’.

People are extremely suspicious these days of scams and schemes, and are not very trusting with people they don’t know, especially when it comes to parting ways with their hard-earned cash. So obviously, cold, suspicious leads are not the best MLM leads for you.

Anybody who has ever done a home based business before knows that most of the actual work lies in generating leads. There are a number of ways you can gather leads for your network marketing business—you can buy a list, opt into a subscription with a lead generation site or, if you are really serious about your business, you can generate your own leads. Here is the simple truth: if you want your business to succeed, generating your own leads is the best way to make that happen. So how do you get the best leads to grow your MLM business?

The best MLM leads you can get are the ones that know who you are and what you’re all about, before you even talk to them on the phone. I know that might sound impossible to some but it is entirely possible thanks to a concept called Attraction Marketing. What attraction marketing does is it allows your prospects to get to know you first and showcase what you have to offer in terms of value and leadership. Marketing this way will attract people to you (hence the name attraction marketing) and have them hunting you down.

It is almost impossible to do business (especially in the MLM arena) without a website. Make sure that you build a lead capture page into your website so that people can opt in to learn more about what you have to offer them. Your lead capture page will save you time and money when it comes time to turn your list of leads into valuable business contacts.

In addition to a website that you can use to generate leads, you want to announce yourself to your local community. Hitting the pavement and meeting fellow business people in your target market will not only help you build a good business network, it will also help you generate valuable leads in your community. The best leads are the leads you can work with in person.

How to get people’s information to send them your MLM presentation

– Give them a genuine compliment. Don’t fake it here, truly tell them something nice that you notice about them. Earrings, shoes, outfit, smile, or their attitude.
– Ask them questions. Where are you from? Where did you go to school? How long have you worked here?
– Then position your home based business like this: “Just throwing it out there but would you be interested in a side project that doesn’t interfere with what you are doing here at _________(wherever they work)?

They will respond one of three ways. They will respond with: (1) No thanks, (2) Well, What is it? or (3) Yeah! And I will tell you that the third answer is the one you may get all the time. Here is how I would finish the talk:

“I am real busy and running to an appointment but tell you what, we are always looking for sharp people. If you give me your email and phone number I will send you over some information and if you like what you see, we can talk further, cool?”

And they will give you their information about 9 out of 10 times. Next time you are at a restaurant, car dealership, networking event, etc, use this approach and get those leads without offending anyone or getting into some big crazy explanation. The #1 mistake network marketers make is they say too much about their home based business.

MLM lead generation is basically about understanding marketing and sales! Lead generation is something that every MLM business person needs to learn to do effectively and if you cut corners by buying leads or subscribing to a lead generation service, you will end up wasting most of your time. By generating your own leads you are half way to turning those leads into customers or business referrals!

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