How To Avoid the “SCATTER BOMB” In Network Marketing

This post is for people who are in the network marketing, home based business or MLM industries. My goal is to help you achieve the highest level of success in these wonderful industries. Now, whenever you present your opportunity to a prospect and the prospect says NO, learn to ask for referrals. Ask them for the names of one or two of their colleagues who might be interested in this business. The secret to asking for referrals is to be very specific. You could ask a question like:

“Who do you know at your job who is already thinking of leaving?”

“Who is the most dynamic person among your friends at work?”

Never forget to ask for referrals. If you learn to replace every NO with just one new prospect, your warm market list will never run out. Also, have a system of following up with prospects who do not join. Remember that whenever the timing is right for someone, they will join you in business. Stay in touch with your prospects over time. If you’re kind to them, show them love and offer value to them, one day they will join you. This is why it is important to be very focused and stay consistent.

Once great obstacle that most new distributors face in the battle for success is what’s called the “Scatter Bomb.” The Scatter Bomb is a mental explosion that diffuses the focus of distributors, causing them to stop using the system that they have been taught and to frantically follow any and every new network marketing system that comes along. The Scatter Bomb occurs frequently in the first year, sending new distributors in search of any new leader, company, sales aid, or system that might enable them to succeed more rapidly or more easily. I learned how to avoid the Scatter Bomb by reading “Your First Year In Network Marketing” by Mark Yarnell..great book!

This weapon is quite deceptive because it comes disguised as the ultimate new tool or as the perfect strategy for success. Sometimes, it’s a new manual or video, which many new distributors assume will be more effective than the program currently used, merely because it is new. Other times it’s a new leader who comes into town with a brand new way to do the business, and since he’s making more money than you, his system must be better than yours. When your  spirits are really down, it can even be a new company with a better compensation plan. Whether the Scatter bomb takes the form of a person, system or company, the very worst thing you can do in your first year is yield to the temptation to change direction every time a new system comes along.

In network marketing, the worst battles will be the internal ones you fight each time you’re tempted to find a faster, better, easier route.

If someone in your upline is earning the amount of money you strongly desire and you continue to duplicate the exact system that got him or her to wealth, you too will eventually get there..but not if you’re always changing the system. If you become so scattered that you are constantly changing from system to system, thereby compelling downline associates to change, failure is certain to follow.

New distributors must literally be indoctrinated into duplicating your system of success. They must be taught in the beginning to follow the system of their sponsor and not deviate from it. Be sure to make it clear to your new associates that the day they deviate from your system is the day they lose your support. Make it a serious matter.

To be successful, you must ignore all the inevitable distractions in your first year and maintain a clear vision of where you are going and how you are going to get there. New distributors must be warned to put on the blinders during their first year. Consistent duplication of one simple success system is essential in order to avoid confusion in one’s entire downline, which is precisely what occurs each time a leader changes systems midstream.

If your goal is to achieve financial security and freedom, you may have to get out of your comfort zone. The good life will come soon enough if you pay the price.

Don’t forget that: “The true tragedy in life is not death, but that which dies inside us while we are still living.” – Norman Cousins

The way to prevent new distributors from changing the approach is to anticipate their notions during training. Teach them how easy it is to get sidetracked. Make sure new distributors understand that network marketing begins with relationships and requires numerous contacts and a tenacious follow-through system.

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