Everyone wants to be happy. Happiness is more powerful than any drug or therapy because it has the ability to empower people to see good, do good and be good. When a person is happy, he or she will work to the full potential, regardless of how tough the journey may be.

When a person is happy, he has the power to infect those who are around him, and they can make these people happy, too. When a person is happy, nothing is impossible and nothing is too hard.

How can you be 100% happy? Is it possible to be happy when you wake up, until you close your eyes at night? Is it possible to be happy even when everything is going wrong? How can you be 100% happy? Here’s how:

• Make friends.
It is not easy to be happy when you are alone, but when you are with a bunch friends it is suddenly easier to flash a smile and to feel refreshed. Companions make hardships bearable because they can share the load and they can take away the pain. Some problems seem rather small, if you have a battalion of your friends around. Therefore, if you want to be happy, do not be afraid to make friends and embrace the opportunity to open yourself up to people.

• Learn to forgive.
People will do you wrong and many of them will hurt you. Dwelling on the fact that these people exist in your life will cripple your growth and create dark clouds in your skies. Negative thoughts can weigh heavily in your heart. When you do not know how to forgive and forget, you will be handcuffed to these ill feelings forever. Wear a forgiving heart. You have no control over what people do, but you have control over how you will react. Your reaction is your responsibility, so choose not to upset yourself and move on.

• Flash a smile and share some laughter.
Sometimes it is not going to be easy. After experiencing pain and grief, it will be very difficult to flash a smile on your face. Despite how hard it may be, you have to convince yourself to do it. Smile and wash away your worries. Smile and the world will smile back at you. The first flash of smile will be the most difficult, but the next ones will come easily. Smile and share some laughter. If something is funny, do not stop yourself from laughing. If someone is making you laugh, go ahead and chuckle.

• Be content.
Learn to count your blessing and do not worry so much about what you lack. Many people find it hard to feel any kind of gratefulness because they feel that their lives have no meaning and purpose. Instead of reminding yourself about the things that you do not have, remind yourself of all the great things that you have. Be content and learn to be grateful. Only then will you realize just how happy you can be.