Becoming an expert is so incredibly easy, yet no one follows through with it. I know you’re probably thinking “easy? Yah right”….I would have thought the exact same thing until someone shared this concept with me. One of my mentors, Matt, was on a tele-seminar one night when a Multi-Millionaire shared this concept. His definition of an expert is someone who is in the top 1 percent knowledge level compared to everyone else in the world. He said, when you read 5 books on one single subject, that’s more than what 99 percent of all other people in the world will ever learn on that particular topic.

So to be in the top 1 percent knowledge level on any area of your life, you’re only 5 books away. And when you look at it that way, it does sound pretty simple right?

You can even take this concept to the next level. Make a commitment that you will become an expert in any area you’re passionate about. Instead of reading only 5 books, read every book, audio or video program you can get your hands on. You can also decide to go through every course or book as if you have to give training on the information the very next day. Create a journal and take notes for anything you feel is valuable information and share them with others.

People want to keep company with people who have expertise. The simplest way to have authority is to cultivate know-how which other people in your market are dying to understand.

If you’re able to demonstrate to someone how they can create leads for their home business for free, as an example, which means you have something darn few others have to offer and you just grew to become an expert. Leaders are experts and understand how to teach others the best way to succeed by sharing their specialized know-how.

I share with my team several books, tools and resources that help them become experts in their home business and Internet marketing. I show them how to use article marketing, social media marketing, forum marketing, video marketing & how to use free classified ads to generate leads for the businesses.

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Etieno Etuk

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