Owning a home business is no walk in the park. There are many different skill sets you must master in order for your business to become a success and expand consistently. One of these skill sets is absolutely going to be lead generation. Once you have this mastered, it will seem effortless and you will be able to generate at least twenty to thirty leads per day; which should be your goal.

So how do you generate leads for free? Aha! This is a great question and millions of people want the answer. Our main vehicle that will allow us to accomplish this is the internet. Using the leverage of the internet and the technology within, you will be able to generate leads for free and do it using many different web sites and techniques.

One of these techniques is using social networking websites such as Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. Your main goal on these web sites is to brand yourself and attract like people to you. This isn’t such a hard thing to do considering you can customize your profile, upload videos and pictures, email and instant message. The main thing to remember is you are attempting to brand yourself.

The second way we can generate our own leads for free is using video sharing sites like Youtube, for example. You simply upload a video with whatever message you want to get across in the video. What is great about video is you make an instant connection with your viewers and one of two things either happens. They like what you have to say and take action, or your transparency turns them off and your message obviously does not get across.

Another technique that is extremely powerful is blogging. Most blogging sites are free and this is perfect for people who want to create a web presence, but are inexperienced with web site design. Another great feature about blogs is that the web sites are very user friendly. Much of the traffic you generate will come in and out of your blog.

Quit Looking for Opportunity Seekers

Before you freak out and say ” but I want home based business” seekers. NO you don’t, well not if you are just starting out, and not UNLESS you are a bulldog and super closer on the phone.

Why? Because most people that request information on a home based business, are tire kickers. They really have no direction, and usually no money and no drive.

So who do you want? You want product users. The reason you want product users is:
1. They believe in the product
2. They will buy and continue to use the product
3. They will recommend the product because they love it – hence build the business
4. They will be bringing in more product users, who may become builders and even if they don’t you still make money on the product usage.
5. They actually have money!

This can sometimes be a hard concept, but it is the concept that makes big income earners vs. struggling distributors or sales people.

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Your Partner In Success,
Etieno Etuk