Today we’re going to talk about one of the activities that will be responsible for a chunk of your checks as a network marketer. This activity is called PROSPECTING.

It is very important to understand how to generate leads for your business. After generating the leads, it’s of utmost importance to understand how to communicate effectively and efficiently with your leads. You need to learn the skills of sorting through your prospects and not spending too much time with any one prospect. If you have to spend a lot of time to get a prospect to watch a presentation, they won’t join your business or buy something from you. That’s just the way it is.

Who’s Got The Prospecting Power?

How do you ensure that you are in control of a prospecting conversation? Note that when you have to call a prospect, you’re in a position of least prospecting power. You have to know how to flip that. Whoever is the one calling has the least power initially. However, I’m not asking you to never call a prospect. All I’m saying is that it’s sweeter when they call you. The conversion rate is about 500% when they do.

If you’re the one calling your prospect then you ABSOLUTELY need to come with your A game when you start a conversation or your prospect will retain the power that they initially had when you called them from out of nowhere.

When you call a stranger, what’s the first thing they say? “How can I help you?” They ask you a question. How you handle that question will either dethrone them or bury your prospecting alive. The person asking the most questions has the power. The first thing you want to do is diffuse the question with an answer that is embedded into a question and then you can take over control of the conversation.

You can say something like: “I was referred to you as a candidate looking or searching for the right home business that correct?” or you can say something like: “Your name came across my desk as someone who is interested in making some extra income working from home…Is that correct?” There are only 2 possible answers to this question. YES or NO. If they say “NO”, you could say something like “Great, do you know anyone that’s looking or would be interested in a money making opportunity that’s shielding people from the economic crisis?”

Get the concept that the person asking questions is in control of the conversation EVERY TIME. Master the art of asking questions based on the last answer the prospect gives you. This allows you to build better rapport and a relationship. Conversion rates for cold calling is ridiculously low but you can increase it by about 500% if you follow these instructions.

Efficiency comes from having more leads than time allows because believe it or not, that subconsciously affects your posture. If you have a lot of leads you don’t come across as needy.

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