How To Get Your Business Prospects To Show Up For Appointments

Ever find yourself in a position where you’ve spoken with a prospect and given them some information to review and then when you called back to follow up they didn’t answer the phone or return your calls? I know I have. In this post, I will be sharing with you some things you can do to increase the number of people that show up for for follow up appointments. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could cut down on the number of no shows in your business?

The key to all network marketing prospecting is staying away from the appearance of desperation. Never convey a sense of neediness when speaking with someone about your business. When you appear needy, people will say ANYTHING to get away from you, including lying about taking a look at your presentation when you send it to them, knowing fully well that they have no intention of viewing your presentation.

Realize this, you need to have the right posture and mindset. You do not need them, they need you. Do not beg or plead with anyone to take a look at your business opportunity. You’re really doing them a favor by calling them to interview them to see if they would be a fit for your business. This is why your belief in your opportunity is very important. Remember that successful selling of your opportunity is based on a transfer of belief. Either you sell the prospect on why they should join your business or they will sell you on the reasons why they can’t join your business.

In a post done by Ray Higdon sometime a while ago, he outlined five things we need to understand that will increase the number of people who show up for follow-up appointments. Here are some things to bear in mind when setting appointments:

1. Have a list of leaders in your company whom you can call for a 3 way call if the need arises. Also, find out the proper way to do a 3-way call and what to say when you introduce your prospect to your upline leader.

2. Use a prerecorded audio/visual presentation or invite people to a live event or meeting. Have a discussion with your upline leader concerning the best tools you can use to guide prospects to.

3. Don’t just throw out or email the audio or video to your prospect and then hope they keep their word and watch it. Most people won’t watch what you send to them, except you get a firm commitment from them. Don’t get mad, it’s just the way people are. It’s important to ask them during the interview process why they may even be open to taking a look at your business as a solution to their problems.

4. Tie them down. Ray suggests that you do this: (a) If you have a lot of people that don’t answer their phones when you try calling them for a follow-up call at the agreed upon time, or (b)the prospect doesn’t sound serious when you work on setting the follow-up appointment.

Here’s how the conversation may go when you initially call them:

You: How soon do you think you can watch this video if I send to you?

Prospect: Maybe this afternoon.

You: Ok. So if I call you say around 3:20 PM today, do you think you would have watched it by then?

Prospect: Um…Sure.

You: OK, often times in a business like ours, people will say that they will watch a presentation, knowing that they don’t really plan on it. Now, I run a professional business and talk to many people. Are you just saying you’re going to watch it just to get me off the phone or will you have watched it and I can count on speaking with you at 4:20 PM? If you’re just saying you’re going to watch it and don’t plan to, feel free to tell me now so we can save each other’s time.

Prospect: Yes I will have watched it by then.

This is a powerful way to get a commitment from the prospect.

5. Understand how to leave a voicemail and at what interval, if they do not answer when you call for the initial followup. If you leave the right voice mail, you’re likely to get a sizable number of people return your call. The key is not to say too much on the voice mail. Be very precise in the message you’re sending across to your prospect on a voice mail message.

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