So you have the family all gathered around from all parts of the country, isn’t it the perfect time to bust out the whiteboard and draw some circles? NO!

It is important to know what to do during the holiday season but equally important, are those things you shouldn’t do. This post will reveal those things you shouldn’t do during the holidays as a network marketer to prevent looking like a total rookie.

Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should! 

Let’s say your family members where you are having Christmas gives you permission to do a little presentation. Do Not Do It. If you turn off even one family member, you are going to set a tone in your business that this is how it is done and you will either: (a) teach your family members that join how to do things the wrong way or (b) be the black sheep of the family for years (they may or may not tell you to your face).

If you are drawing circles and talking compensation plans on the birthday of baby Jesus, you run a high probability that someone will be offended.

Be a professional network marketer during holidays. Treat your business like a business and focus on enjoying the time you have with friends & family. Do not go into presentation mode if someone asks you what you do. Tell them what you do and move on to talking about them and what they like to do.

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