How To Make Rejection Your Ally Instead Of Your Enemy

Network marketing is one of the most rewarding and fun businesses in the world, but eventually all network marketers face certain widespread and universal challenges. No matter how long we participate in MLM and no matter how successful we become, there is always the possibility that we will be shot down temporarily by the most dangerous weapon of all – the Rejection Rocket. It can and will strike at any time, rendering us virtually immobile, thus destroying our enthusiasm and excitement, which are essential qualities for success.

Everyone faces rejection in life, but what makes our form of rejection so very devastating is that it often comes from the very people we most love and respect: our spouse, our parents, our best friends and business associates.

Rejection causes more people to fail in MLM than any other factor.

As many as 50% of all potentially successful networkers fail before ever getting started because their sponsor does not prepare them for the Rejection Rocket. It should be the responsibility of every sponsor to fully prepare prospects for rejection, then provide them with the tools to overcome rejection.

Remember, no matter how nice your friends/family are on the phone when you invite them to take a look at your opportunity, more than half of them may not show up for your meetings, or invitation to look at your business. Knowing this fact ahead of time softens the pain. Another thing to note is that friends are often our biggest dream stealers, and once a dream is stolen, it is not easily recovered.

Fine wine can be a by-product of sour grapes. Turn your battles into a motivational force and let that force propel you through those early rejections that you face in working on building your business. Reaction to family rejection can often be redirected, becoming a positive force for building your business.

If you suspect that you are being rejected because of an attitude you project, then take some time to work on your personal growth before attempting to build an organization. Read books, attend seminars, and listen to CDs to enhance your self-image. Surround yourself with positive people who constantly remind you of your worth as a person and the contributions you are capable of making. Shake off any residue of negative self-esteem, any emotional baggage that you may be carrying around, and take pride in yourself. It is important to understand that you have greatness and an unlimited potential to evaluate everyone around you. Practice exuding your inner strength with your head held high and you will see an immediate difference in your general acceptance, your leadership success, and your income.

Don’t Take Rejection Personally.

People new to network marketing need to be taught that “no, thank you” is not a personal rebuff. A waitress pouring coffee in a coffee shop might be told “no, thanks” by one, “no more for now” by another. She might be told “I have plenty, thanks”. But none of these responses sends her running to the lady’s room in tears because all of her customers rejected her. And yet that is comparable to what happens to network marketers. They take “no”, however it is said, too personally. In our industry, a decline to participate in the opportunity most often means “the timing isn’t right for me now”.

Think of prospecting in network marketing as a sifting process.

Accepting “no” is merely part of the process of finding those who say “yes”.

It is important to increase the number of people we talk to about our business. If you only talk to a dozen people in the course of a week, the act of rejection by those few becomes bigger than life. If you contact a few dozen people each week, rejection is no problem because a few will always get involved! Remember this law of balance: Increase the number of approaches and decrease the impact of rejection.

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