How to Remain Optimistic

Today, you may be facing situations in your life that have caused you to give up hope that things will ever get better. If the person described is you, this post will help you in the sense that it will open your eyes to the possibilities that are available to you. It will also give you a path you can take to move you from having pessimistic to optimistic. Here’s what I know very well. No matter how bad things seem, you’re going to make it. All you need to do is focus on your dreams and goals and don’t allow things to distract you. Think about how great it will feel when you accomplish your dreams.

Being optimistic is knowing, without a shadow of a doubt, that tomorrow can always be better than today.  It’s the belief that anything is possible, no matter what, if you put your mind to it. It’s the power to change, to make the world a better place. To remain optimistic, you must control and discipline your thinking when things go wrong. Refuse to feel sorry and pity for yourself. Remember, you are not a victim. You’re a victor. You are an adult, and you are in charge of your life. You’re the director of your life movie. You are doing what you have freely chosen to do. Setbacks come with the territory. They are merely speed bumps on the road to success. Take full responsibility for what has happened in your life thus far. Refuse to blame others or make excuses.

Start today and resolve to focus on the solution and what can be done now, rather than what happened and who is to blame. To remain optimistic, look for the good in every situation., When you look for something good, you will always find something good and more. See the valuable lesson in every problem or difficulty. Every setback you face contains one or more lessons that have been sent to you to help you be more successful in the future. Remember that every setback is a setup for a greater comeback. Don’t let life beat you up. There’s more in you than you have been expressing.

Norman Vincent Peale(author of “The Power of Positive Thinking“) once said, “When God wants to send you a gift, He wraps it up in a problem. The bigger the gift that God wants to send you, the bigger the problem He wraps it in.” This is a powerful message. From this day forward, prepare your mind to see the good in every challenge you face. Things will only get better from this point forward. Listen to audio programs and music that lift you up and not those that tear you down. Hang around people who celebrate you and not those who tolerate you. Resolve to stand like an iron peg driven into the frozen ground. No matter how hard life hits you continue to look up because if you can look up, you can get back up again. Be relentless and face your fears head-on.

Resolve in advance that you will never give up. If you do this, your success is virtually guaranteed. If you carefully think of it, nothing can really stop you but yourself. In life, it doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down. All that matters is how many times you get back up. If you continue to get back up and press onward, you must eventually reach your goal. Make a decision today that you will persist until you succeed, no matter what happens. Say to yourself: “I AM UNSTOPPABLE!”

Above all else, work hard. That’s the price you’ll have to pay to achieve your goals and dreams. Seek help from people who can help you. Be sure to develop an excellent reputation. There is nothing that will bring you more quickly to the attention of people who can help you than for you to develop a reputation for hard and disciplined work, every hour of every day.

Remember, there will be a tomorrow…there always is. Focus on your dreams and discipline yourself to engage in activities that daily bring you closer and closer to your dreams & goals. If you don’t know how to do this, find a coach or mentor. Be sure to follow through with whatever recommendations they give you.

I believe in you and know for a fact that the best is yet to come. Keep up the good work and be kind to the people you meet. Watch the inspirational video below. I hope it helps.


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