Forum marketing is basically a lost art and works in a couple of ways.  It is one of the best (and easiest) ways to generate MLM leads is to build a website devoted to your business.  This website will feature an “opt in” page that encourages visitors to sign up to learn more about your business.  This is how many MLM business owners generate their leads.  Of course, once you have built your site you need to make sure that people visit it.  How do you do that?

While there are plenty of traffic boosters out there, one of the best ways to send traffic to your MLM site is to participate in forums!  Find forums that reflect your target market and start typing away!

You can basically find forums on any topic. If you go through different forums in your niche, you’ll see a lot of discussions, questions and information available to you. They are very targeted and can be a lot of fun.

Why Use Forums?

One of the ways to learn new ways to build your business and also build your business at the same time is through the use of forums. They are a great place to socialize with other networkers.

Here are some forums you can start using today:

Forum Strategies

Make sure that you always offer value and great information, post articles, share websites & blogs that you find useful, and post videos that offer value. When someone makes a post, try to be the 1st person to reply to that post and give good information like I mentioned earlier. Being the 1st to comment on a post usually causes you to stand out because everyone that comes to that post after you made your comment is likely to see your comment at the top and if it’s valuable information, they’ll want to know more about you by visiting your website. Also, you can start new posts with good topics.

Forums offer you great free advertising space, also known as your member signature.  Use your signature space to link to your MLM site or lead capture page and encourage people to take a look around.  If people like what you have to say in the forum, they’ll likely click on the link in your signature to visit your website to get to know you more.

In some of the forums, you have the opportunity to earn points every time you make a post or comment on other people’s content. These points could be used toward placing ads on the site for free and things like that.

The key to succeeding using forum marketing is based on your volume. You don’t just want to post on one forum. There are forums on any and everything and all types of different topics. Be consistent on leaving your messages and comments on different posts. You want to appear like you’re there to give value and help others. As you continue to post, you will see traffic coming to your site from those posts. The more posts you make, the more traffic you will get.

While you might be feeling a little desperate for traffic, it isn’t a good idea for your first post in a forum to be something like this: “Hi! Visit my site and learn how to make $$$!”  or “Hi! I have the products you need! Visit my site for more info!”  Most forum users have trained themselves to skip over posts that look like blatant sales pitches.

Get involved in the conversations on the forums. If your posts reflect a level of subject expertise not only will they visit your site, but they will probably opt in to learn more about what your MLM has to offer!

Forums are also a great place to meet leads “personally.”  Most forums have a built in private messaging system allowing you to contact members individually.  If you’ve noticed a fellow forum member’s posts, you can contact them and tell them privately how much you have appreciated their input and their comments.

Forums are often overlooked when it comes to MLM lead generation but the truth is that they provide you a great place to promote your business and generate leads!

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