How to Use The Rule of 5 to Grow Your Business

This post is for people in the Home Business industry. However, you can take the principles I will be discussing and apply them to any area of your life or business. Now, a few minutes ago, I just watched a video program by John Maxwell, where he discusses the importance of finding 5 things you need to have success in your business and doing these things daily. He calls this the rule of 5. There is a law called “The Law of Consistency”. This law basically emphasizes the power of consistency. You can’t start something and stop half way. You’ve got to commit to doing the simple disciplines required to create success in your business or life. Darren Hardy talks about this in his bestseller, The Compound Effect.

To be successful, you’ve got to be motivated. Now, motivation will get you started but discipline is what will keep you going. Don’t procrastinate by putting away what you can today, saying that you’ll do it tomorrow. Once time is gone, it cannot be gotten back. Choose to make every day your masterpiece. Do the things you need to do to become a success. Rub minds with other successful. Find out what they do and model them.

John Maxwell

Find five things that successful people within your business or company do and do these things daily. By so doing, you will have put the rule of 5 to work for you, instead of against you. The secret to your success is determined by what you do daily.

Here are five things John Maxwell suggested that you do daily as you build your business:

#1. Work on expanding your written list

Build your list on a daily basis. I suggest you work on adding at least 2 new names to your list every day. Your list is your power because it is through your list that your customers and potential business partners will come out of. If your prospect list looks like it was yesterday, then your business is not growing. To grow you list, you can do something like ask your friends a question such as: “Who do you know that I should know?”

#2. Invite people to take a look at your business

This is very important because this is the process of exposing your wonderful plan for people as you work towards financial independence. Always be inviting people to check out your business, product or service. Whenever there is a business meeting organized by your company, be determined to never attend it alone. Always have a guest with you.

#3. Learn something new

What are you doing to develop yourself and develop others? The only way you will grow is through learning. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase: “If you’re green, you’re growing and if you’re ripe you’re rotting.” Here’s a question for you: When was the last time you learned something for the first time? Now, during the course of the day, you will have some setbacks. Don’t count these as failures. In business, sometimes you will win and sometimes you will have an opportunity to learn from your failures.

#4: Be an encourager

Encourage someone daily because life can be difficult for people. When you are an encourager, you breathe courage into others. Ask yourself this question: Who have I added value to today? Here’s how you add value…by being a person of encouragement. Make encouragement intentional.

#5: Give thanks every day

Gratitude is very important and it is the least expressed virtue. What I’ve noticed is that people who are grateful seldom quit. It’s those who are negative and ungrateful that quite often times.
If you want to succeed, you’ve got to learn these 5 things so that you know them like the back of your hand. Repetition is the mother of skill.

As a recap, here are the five things you can do daily to have success:
1. Build your list
2. Invite people to look at your business
3. Always be learning
4. Encourage others
5. Give thanks

Even if you’ve not had success, you can begin where you are and create it. Everyone who has achieved success has had to go through a lot of failures to get there. They were once a “Rookie”. Remember that everyone starts somewhere, so can you! Just because someone else has more resources, history, experience, or nice looking hair, doesn’t mean that you can’t create your dream life. you can still create the life of your dreams!

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