This is the final installment of the “keys to building a large network marketing team”. If you missed parts 1 & 2, you can read them here:

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Keys To Building A Large Network Marketing Team – Part 2

In part 1, I discussed the “power of less” and how doing the little things can make a huge difference in your business. In part 2, I discussed how to apply the “power of more” and how to “sprint & recover” in your business. This is done through doing a recruiting blitz every now and then. This is where you carve out a certain day a week where you put in all out massive action to turbo charge your business.

Magic Pixie Dust

Do we have magic pixie dust in Network Marketing? Is there a potion that you sprinkle on your prospect that makes them decide to join your business as soon as you finish your business presentation? Yes there is. It’s called “3rd party validation” or testimonies. This is where you expose your prospect to other people’s experiences with your Network Marketing company’s product/service and business opportunity (if these experiences are positive).

This is the “Roger Bannister” effect. Here’s the reader’s digest version of the Roger Bannister story. In 1954 and prior to that, people thought it was impossible to run faster than a 4-minute mile. Roger Bannister didn’t believe this. He trained real hard and in 1954, he did the “impossible”. He ran a mile in less than 4 minutes. What’s amazing about this is that same year, 37 other people ran faster than the 4-minute mile and 150 more people did it the year after that. It all had to do with their belief that  they were able to do it. They saw Roger do it and they believed they could do it too.

Anyone can have success in Network Marketing but the number 1 thing that holds people back is their belief.

Things to do when putting together a recruiting blitz:

  • When doing a recruiting blitz, you’ve got to build your belief up. You do this by attending company events where you get to meet people who are having success in the business. Make sure you take pictures with these people. Also write notes about their personal story and create a folder for each of them where you file their story. When you come across your prospects, share these successful people’s story with them.
  • Get top earners’ phone numbers at the event and ask if they mind you calling them from time to time for a quick 3-way call with one of your prospects. You never know whose story is going to resonate with your prospect and make them join or decide to get to work. For example, if you have a chiropractor that’s successful in your Network Marketing company and you meet another chiropractor that’s a prospect for the business, the best person to have talk to this prospect would be the chiropractor that’s a top income earner in your Network Marketing company.
  • The key is that you want to have as many of these top earners that you can contact and create relationships with because you don’t want to be wearing any one person out. If you wear them out, then the chances are that they won’t answer you calls when you need them. When you speak with these top earners, let them know that you’re willing to help them with anything they need help with. Let them know your personal story and let them know that whenever you call for a 3-way that it’ll be really quick and that you’ll only do it from time to time.
  • Also create some “2-on-1” partnership alliances as well. If you don’t know what a 2-on-1 is, ask your upline :-)
  • Make sure that you learn and understand the tools that your company provides, and learn how to use the tools.
  • Put together your target list and rank your prospects on a scale of 1 – 5. If your time is limited, then you want to talk to the 4’s and 5’s.
  • Prepare to get buy-in from family & friends. Make sure that the important people in your life know that you’re doing a recruiting blitz. The most important person you need to sell the dream to is your spouse or significant other.
  • Determine your hours of operation ahead of time and let your family & friends know when that is and ask them for their support.
  • Use procrastination in your favor. Successful people procrastinate on the things that don’t make them money or get them ahead. You can procrastinate on things like TV, hobbies, shopping, exercise, cleaning the house, etc, during your hours of operation. Do this for a season.
There are some other things that you can do when conducting a recruiting blitz but I’ll just leave at the ones above. Don’t try to do all of these at once. Just incorporate them into your routine as time passes.


When you bring someone on board your team, share your passion with them and let them know that you’re not a baby-sitter and that you will not call them to motivate them or anything like that. Make them understand that you’ll be out on a mission everyday talking to your contacts. If they call you, make sure you go help them. Don’t be attached to the outcome. If they don’t call you, then they’re not the person you were looking for. Trust me, when the right person surfaces, you’ll now it. You won’t have to call them, they’ll be calling you or even if they don’t call you, they’ll be out there making things happen in your business.


When a leader pops up in your business, make sure you pour into that leader. Give them everything you’ve got. Move in with them if they’ll let you :-) I’m serious though. Just be around them and help them work their phone list.


Remember the 80/20 rule which states that 80% of your income is going to come from 20% of the people on your team and the other 20% of your income will come from the other 80% of the people on your team. To use time wisely, spend 1 on 1 time with your 20 percenters and group time with your 80 percenters. Encourage your 80 percenters to get on the next training call or live training because they don’t get it yet. In an exciting way, pull them along to stay plugged in and if they do that, over time, your 80 percenters can become 20 percenters.

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