Facebook is a great tool for business IF you know how to attract your visitors to follow you and not turn them away!

I love using Facebook to meet other Network Marketers, share marketing strategies, build relationships, and ultimately have my followers join me in business. Your Facebook profile is a major part of of letting other know who you are and what value you can offer. When I first started marketing I would friend anybody and everybody just to get followers. Now I do things a bit differently.

If someone came up to you on the street with a brown bag over their head would you accept their friendship?

The awnser to the above question is pretty obvious. Instead of saying let’s be friends you’d probably run the other direction. What does this have to do with a Facebook profile? I’m about to tell you… but first I want to explain how I find people who are interested in the same niche or topics as I then we will go into what to have in your profile to ensure the people you contact friend you.

How to Find People With the Same Interest.

I use Facebook groups to find people I want to connect with. I will use the search bar at the top of Facebook to search for a group of my interest. For Example… Network Marketing.  After typing in the type of group you want to search for you’ll come to the following screen where you will want to click “Groups.”  Then you can choose the Facebook group you want to join and find new contacts in.

The first thing to look for when choosing a new connection.

This is where the brown bag comes. I want to look for someone with a great picture. I turn away from the marketers who use a company logo or a google image as a profile picture. I like to put a name to the face so to speak. After I find someone that looks professional and someone I may want to connect with then I check out their profile.

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