One of the battles we have to fight is the battle with discouragement. Our dreams don’t always happen on our timetables. We go through disappointments and adversities. When this happens, it’s easy to lose our enthusiasm and zeal for life.

It’s good to have family and friends that encourage us and cheer us on but one thing I’ve learned is that other people cannot keep us encouraged. They may give us a boost and help us from time to time. But if you’re really going to live in victory, that encouragement has to come from the inside. You’ve got to learn to encourage yourself.

When times get tough and things aren’t going your way and you don’t feel like pursuing your dreams – deep down in your spirit – there has to be a resolve and strength on the inside that says “I refuse to settle where I am”.

Sometimes when you need it the most, people you count on to cheer you on unfortunately may not be there for you. When that friend that normally calls is out of town, when your spouse is having a tough month, when your coworkers and parents are preoccupied with their own challenges, you have to learn to dig down deep and encourage yourself. You gain real freedom when you do this.

This is one of the secrets of the most successful people in the world. They know how to draw encouragement and strength from the inside. They do it by replaying in their minds the victories that they have had in the past. They rehearse over and over the good things that have happened to them. They also live in an attitude of thanksgiving.

Whenever you’re in difficult times and are tempted to get down, don’t dwell on the negative. Don’t replay over and over all the reasons why it won’t work out, and how impossible it is. Instead change the channel. Get the remote control. That’s not the only channel. Start replaying all the good things that have happened in your life.

Every one of us has had victories in our lives. A key to encouraging ourselves is to replay those victories. As you remember the great things that have happened to you, faith will fill your heart, strength and courage will come from the inside.

No matter what you’re facing and no matter how difficult it looks, you’ll know deep down that God didn’t bring you this far to leave you where you are. If He did it for you in the past, He’ll do it again for you in the future.

Replay the miracles in your mind. You cannot stay down and defeated as long as you’re thinking about the good things that have happened in your life.

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