Life: Full of Twirls

While heading to drop my kids off at the day care this morning, I listened to a song that inspired me so much that I decided I’ll share it with my audience because I believe it will make a difference in someone’s life. It’s a song you probably haven’t heard before titled, “Johnny & Donna,” by Grammy-nominated artist, Kortney Jamaal Pollard(better known by his stage name “Mali Music“). This song is particularly talking about two people who fell in love, but didn’t have the time to plan their future. Life happened to them, just like it has done to many of us. Their lives were full of drama, twists, turns & twirls.

I had to put the song on repeat and listen to the words many times to get the message Mali was sharing through this song. It emphasizes the importance of making the best that life hands you. If life hands you lemons, turn them into the most delicious lemonade you can make. Be determined and persistence on your journey towards achieving your dreams.


REMEMBER: Nothing is impossible to those who believe. Your belief has to be so strong that distractions or challenges don’t phase you. Keep your eyes on your dreams and goals and remain focused.

Don’t forget that consistency is key as well. Just because your dreams haven’t happened yet does not mean they won’t happen. Keep grinding and remember that God’s delays are not  God’s denials, as Tony Robbins often says.

Below are the lyrics to the song “Johnny & Donna.” Read them alongside watching the YouTube video of the song as well. I hope you enjoy it and share it with someone who’s facing life’s challenges.

Johnny met Donna and they fell in love
But had no idea what love really was
But they tried their best
To make each other smile
But while learning themselves
They would have a child….“But with no time to think the whole thing through
Little time to prepare
It got tough to provide for him
And give him love and care

How, how, how, how
How do I when and where?
Are questions that both often ask God
Life is full of twist, twist
Life is full of twirl, twirl, ta-twirl, twirls
Twirls it’s the way of the world that flips you upside down
When you’re young when you’re old
It just spins out of control, whoa
It spins out of control
So, hold on
Because you never know

Johnny and Donna slowly recognized
That for the baby’s future
They planned 2 different lives
Donna wanted a family
She wanted to do it right
Make Johnny’s house a home
She wanted to be your wife

But Johnny was a dreamer
And he had to move around
Yeah, he’d be there for his child
But wouldn’t settle down….

“How, how, how, how
How do I when and where?
Are questions they both often asked God
Life is full of twist, twist
Life is full of twirl, twirl, ta-twirl, twirls
Twirls it’s the way of the world
It’s whirlwinds and girlfriends
Toys and boyfriend, friend, friends
And Frenchmen,
War, peace, impeachment, gentlemen
Ladies, Hyundai, Mercedes, mistakes and peach rings
Blacks and bleach stains
Don’t forget wasps and bee-stings…

“Whether you’re Johnny OR Donna
Or neither of the two
Just try to make the best of what’s given to you!

Johnny & Donna” is a song from Mali’s latest album titled, “Mali Is.” If you don’t have a copy, dash down here and pick one up ASAP!

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