LinkedIn is the online home of your ideal Network Marketing prospects. LinkedIn is like Facebook for business people, and attracts serious members who are interested in expanding their business network and growing their income.

LinkedIn is free to join, and is used by over 100 million men and women around the world. You can reconnect with old friends and colleagues, and promote your profile to make new connections. Join groups, ask questions, and share advice.

You can also feed your blog posts and twitter and facebook status updates into your LinkedIn profile, so you have the ability to stay active on the site by doing much of what you already do online.

If that isn’t reason enough to get started, here are the top benefits of creating your LinkedIn profile for your MLM business today:

1. Reputation Building.

Your LinkedIn profile lists your business successes, without you having to feel like you’re showing off. Link to your website unashamedly.

And the best of all… LinkedIn has a built in referral and recommendation system that allows users to recommend other users. Just like you can post book reviews on Amazon, you can review your LinkedIn connections and they can review you.

So once you’ve signed up and crafted your professional profile, take a few hours to post reviews and endorsements for people you’ve worked with or who have helped you in the past. Not only will you then feature on their profile and have greater social value by association, but they will also be more likely to endorse you too.

2. Google Ranking

Your LinkedIn profile can generate leads and promote your reputation and business not just inside LinkedIn but also on Google. LinkedIn pages rank very highly in Google search results when searching for somebody’s name. If someone is on LinkedIn and you’re “Googling” their name you will likely find their profile, and the same will work for you.

When potential prospects search for information about you they will find not only your Twitter page, Facebook page, blog, website, but also your LinkedIn profile. So make sure you’re showing the best side of yourself, because your online profiles will be seen by many of the right people.

3. Your Competition

Your competition is already on LinkedIn. They are making friends with your prospects, and they are beating you to the punch. They are growing their downlines while you are just watching it happen.

Rightly or wrongly, people will be making judgements about you and your business abilities based on your profile. To be certain of the best first impression, make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors, make sure your profile photo is professional yet friendly, and make sure you list all your business achievements and previous positions you’ve held

Take note of the importance of groups within the LinkedIn community.

LinkedIn will always list groups in order of relevance and size when you conduct a search within groups. Joining larger groups is always a good idea, because it means your posts will have a larger reach. However, larger groups may mean that interactions may not be as valuable when it comes to building a business relationship. Whenever you join a new group be sure to introduce yourself to all of the members and let them know why you have joined the group, and what your professional interests are. The more transparency you invite into your LinkedIn activity, the more  successful you will be.

The number one rule behind any social media interaction is to give value, then ask for value in return. Before you ask for people to sign up in your business, be sure to post articles and comment on discussions happening within the group. If you do this, people will be much more likely to attend your events because you spend time building that business relationship.

Build your Network through Groups.

Some people are inherently social and have no issues with increasing the size of the LinkedIn network because they have so many contacts outside of LinkedIn before they joined the site. For those of us who don’t have a large network of connections, LinkedIn allows us to network with anyone in the entire world at the click of a button. LinkedIn limits our ability to connect with someone by forcing us to tell them how we know them. Groups give us the bridge to connect with someone that we may not have a previous connection with.

If you are within any group you belong to, you have the ability to look at the members list. Within that list you can see who you are already connected with, and those who you are not yet connected to. You can request a connection with anyone in that group by going to group member profiles, click on “invite to connect”, then select Groups, and what group you would like to connect with them through (you may belong to multiple groups with one person). If you already have joined your maximum of 50 groups, you can leave a (e.g. smaller) group and join another and continue to grow your network with the steps above.

LinkedIn can be such a powerful recruiting tool, so the worst thing you can do is ignore it entirely. Sign up, reach out, make personal contacts, and get new recruits!

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