The saying “the money is in the list” is more like a slogan among internet marketers and bloggers but just like traffic, the money is in big, fat lists. And that brings us to the question “how big is your list?”,  ”is your list growing day by day?”

As an online marketer you simply must have a list building strategy. Building your list is the most important occupation you can devote time to. In this post, I will show you some of the simplest strategies  you can implement straight away.

“Why build a list?” you may ask. Market research reveals that people are not likely to buy the first time from you, but if you tell them again and again, up to 7 more times, they may buy. So, if they subscribe to your list, you’ll have the chance to remind them time and time again until they are ready to buy, while building a trust-based relationship with them and of course adding value to them – giving them a compelling reason to remain subscribed to your list.

List Building Unmasked: 5 Top Secret List Building Strategies

1. Pop-Up Windows

To get people to want to sign up for your newsletters, pop-up windows can be wonderful at attracting people, especially if you can make them unique from others. You can have the windows there when the person enters, or when they leave, so they don’t forget to sign up. This is a great list building strategy that you can put to work for yourself right away.

2. Use Article Submission

Writing and submitting articles is a proven method for generating targeted traffic to a website. Your articles need to be informative and on topic. Article directories allow you to submit an article with a resource box at the end. This is where you sell yourself or your website.

3. Give First, Solve Their Problem and They’ll Come Subscribing and Buying

Ask yourself: Can your readers truly use the tips in any and every of your posts to solve a single problem or are your posts simply on general information that they sill need to go elsewhere searching? Make a goal to be the last ‘bus stop’ of every single target audience – find what they are hungry for and place exactly that right in front of them. If they use your do-it-yourself tips and see results, they’ll like and trust you AND they’ll want to stick real close – by subscribing.

Create relevant and useful contents that your prospective customers will be able to use to solve a problem or to feed their passion. When you find what your prospective customers are “thirsty” for, give them something to quench their thirst. When they come for more, you’ll have a chance to put your offer in front of them; as long as the offer would genuinely solve a problem for them, you’ll get them buying from you.

4. Spread Your Reach To Increase Subscription Rates

Contents alone are not viral except you give them wings.  Go, get traffic from new sources you’ve never explored before. Cast your net wide and far.

So, get up and out of your blog sometimes, to where your prospective buyers usually hangout to discuss or search for help.  These are places like the forums, article directories and Q & A sites (such as Yahoo Answers). Do a Google search with key phrases related to your niche – under ‘discussions’ you’ll find places where people are discussing and what – go there and provide answers and leave links to your related useful posts and articles. Doing this will also give you back links to your website.

Ensure that you have placed your opt-in boxes at strategic locations on your blog (sidebar) and within posts – where they can be seen easily by readers.

5. Use Viral Marketing Programs

These are reports, software programs etc., which are so good that people will naturally pass them along to their friends. You see this a lot with emails. For example you receive an email joke from a friend that is so funny, your first reaction is to forward it to all the people in your address book.

Sometimes viral marketing programs can be useful list builders in themselves. If your software has a way of helping the user accomplish a task, for instance “list building” and provides an incentive if they pass it along to others then you have struck on a winner. There are several programs like this on the market and one of the best is Desktop Lightning, which is a free viral, list building system.

Now that I’ve shared with you five simple list building strategies, pick one of them and implement it TODAY! Don’t waste any more time in building your list.

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