MLM Training: Gold Nuggets For People Just Getting Started In MLM

This post is for people who are just getting started in the profession of MLM or network marketing. It is also for people who are considering getting started in the industry. It will help you with some tips that will shave years off your learning curve. It will also enlighten you on what’s expected of you if you would like to make big income in this industry.

If you’re considering joining a company that is so new that it doesn’t have a track record, do a little research on the principal officers of the company. Find out if they have a good track record. It is very risky to join a company that has not been in existence for at least a couple of years. If you feel very compelled to get started with a company and you don’t have first hand knowledge of the integrity of the executives of the company, do you due diligence; check them out, call their references, and if their compensation plan has been untested and sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I encourage you to exercise caution. At the very least, you can call the Direct Selling Association(DSA) in Washington, DC and find out if the company you’re checking out is a member. If they are not, then you need to watch out!

When talking about your business, always be honest. Honesty is everything in the network marketing industry. If you cheat someone at work, for example, maybe seven office workers may hear about it. However, if you cheat someone in the network marketing industry, and it’s possible that over 100,000 people in 20 countries can know about it in a matter of weeks.

Mark Yarnell’s book

Realize that success in this business is a numbers game. Do not be intimidated by that. Don’t whine about it, just get to work. Also, don’t get hung up on outcomes. Don’t be overly excited when someone gets started in the business and don’t be depressed if someone says “NO”. It’s important to realize that some people who get started in your business will do absolutely nothing. Also, the people say “NO” to you today may be your biggest producers tomorrow, provided you know how to consistently follow up with such people.

Set realistic objectives of what you would like to achieve in this industry. Set short term and long term goals. After this is done, track someone in your support line who is earning the amount of money you wish to earn. Ask that person to help you set realistic goals based on the amount of time and effort they put in to achieve such a level of income. Realize that you can make an extremely significant amount of income. The only thing that’s holding you back is your limited thinking. Unleash your limited thinking and you will be able to rise to your full potential. This business is all about having the right mindset.

Success in network marketing requires you to be consistent. Make consistency your friend. It is crucial.

When discussing your business with people, be sure to share with them the possibilities in this industry. Tell true stories. People don’t really care so much about the facts. You’ve heard that facts tell and stories sell. The true stories are powerful in themselves. Stay away from exaggerating the benefits of getting started in your business. There is no need to exaggerate, but everyone needs to know the amount of productive time and focused effort needed to accomplish huge incomes in this industry.

Some distributors often times make the mistake of telling their prospects that they need not do much when they get started. They tell them that all they need to do is send their prospects to the meeting of their upline leader and the upline leader will close them and train them. This is a false expectation. Do not think that your upline will do it all for you. You must be involved in talking with your friends and sharing the excitement about your business. Hearing about a business friend to friend is what network marketing is all about. Now, there is a place for upline support. After your prospect has seen your presenation, you can bring your upline as an authority to help them get involved. Use your upline or mentor to add credibility after your initial exposure of the business.

You don’t have to be an expert on MLM or your company or products to make an initial introduction of your business. You also do not have to deliver a polished and professional speech. Yes, a little refinement goes a long way in this business. The goal is to have people walk away from your presentation of the business thinking, “I can do that” and not, “Wow, what a great presenter he/she is. I could never do that.”

Don’t fall for programs that tell you that you do not have to sell any products or services. Mark Yarnell and Rene Yarnell, in their book “Your First Year in Network Marketing” defines network marketing as “the orderly word-of-mouth distribution of products and services directly from the producer to the consumer.” When someone says that you do not need to sell products/services, this is inaccurate because it denies the very essence of our business and causes government regulators to raise their eyebrows against the industry. Network marketing is about a lot of people using and sharing a little bit of the product or service. For the system to work effectively, each of us must do our part. You should use your product or service. After personally using the products or services, begin by finding at least ten customers among your immediate family and close circle of friends. Also train your team members to find ten legitimate retail customers before attempting to build a sizable network organization.

If you recruit someone who is not comfortable with selling products, show them how easy it is to create a customer base from prospects who come to recruiting business presentations but decide not to participate in the business.

Stay away from hype.  Do not do high-pressure pitches about your business. Most people today have trained themselves subconsciously to smell a rat the minute it emerges. They’re able to quickly read though lies and fabrication. The business of network marketing already seems too good to be true. There’s no need to attempt to make it even better by making false statements about exaggerated incomes, early retirement and zero sales. The average person will not be responsive to hype.

Present your business honestly and professionally. False expectations can literally ruin people who would have been great representatives in your team. If you lead people to believe false statements, they will quit once they discover the truth. When you are honest, people appreciate that and you’ll not be accused of creating any false expectations. Do not mislead people. Let people know that success in this business requires hard work and persistence.

Once you have built a customer base, the rest of your focus can be dedicated to building your organization by duplicating what your mentor teaches and also teaching others to do the same.

I have learned a ton from the book I mentioned earlier and I recommend you get if you’re just getting started in the industry. It’s also a good refresher for people who have been in the industry for a while.

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