Never Criticize Your Competition. Focus On Yourself Instead!

Never Criticize Your Competition. Focus On Yourself Instead!

One of the golden rules I have always applied to anything I do is to never criticize my competition, here is why.

You never know what they or you will do next; they could be your business partners soon. I have many ex-competitors who became very close friends and have helped me many times.

It is bad publicity for you to criticize them. Instead, focus on the positives and improve yourself than try to criticize others. You build a bad image for yourself if you keep criticizing others.

We were probably introduced to the concept of competition early on in life and developed an unhealthy view of it, namely that competition only involved those outside us.

The problem with having that kind of view of competition is that it makes everything you do work AGAINST you because your whole purpose lies outside yourself. In other words, you give your precious personal power away because now your actions are dictated by those around you.

But let’s say for arguments sake, that you’ve obliterated all competition and you stand alone at the top of the mountain. Guess what? You have no reason to grow now. You beat them all. You fall into that dangerous trap known as complacency. Most people only have drives based solely on external factors, but what happens if you take that away? Their reason for improving goes away as well. This NEVER happens if you adopt the model of competing with yourself.

Jim Rohn said it best when he said, “Don’t wish for things to be easier, wish for YOU to be better!” This is advice I think a lot of us could use more in our lives. If you study the law of attraction, you learn that when you worry and focus on your competition, you attract more competition, SO STOP DOING IT!

If you subscribe to the idea that there is plenty of whatever it is you do out there for everyone, you stop worrying about competition. When I am out and about at events and businesses, I hear a lot of business owners and real estate professionals talk about their competition, and typically in a negative way. There are two main reasons not to do this.

Number one is if you subscribe to the idea of the law of attraction, which I do, you understand that energy flows where attention goes and you focusing on your competition only creates more competition for you! A great example is elections. The media talks about how bad someone is and they end up winning!

The second main reason is when you talk about people or competition, you are reducing the amount of time you can think and talk about your own business. I don’t care who you are, your business can always be improved! Spend your time and energy thinking of how to make your own business better and that is time well spent!

Competition with those outside of you LIMITS you in the end because it is based entirely outside of you.

Competition with yourself makes you GROW because it is based entirely within you. When you adopt the model of ceasing to compete with others and resolve only to compete with yourself, a series of events start to fall into sequence that will forever change your life.

True competition lies within you. That’s the proper way to view it. Only by competing with yourself will true personal progress be made, because that progress is measured on your own terms and not that of others.

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