“We’re at war with the universe, the sky is falling and the only thing that can save us now is sensitivity and compassion. I know one thing’s for sure; I’m going to get my kicks before it all boils down.” –  from the album, Tha Carter III by Lil Wayne, Listen to Track entitled ‘Tie My Hands.’

This topic has been on my mind for many years. I woke up this morning very inspired and pissed off at the same time because of this issue. That’s usually a good place to be before writing :-)

I think it’s time for me to personally address this topic.

I have done a little research and dug up a video from many years ago done by ABC’s Brian Ross (I’m not sure if he still works for ABC)…however, ABC has it’s logo on the video, which means they approved this video. The video got many views and made ABC very popular, but many Nigerians were upset about the whole thing, including me.

Make sure you watch this video in its entirety. There are very important lessons to be learned from it.

Tie my hands, what am I going do?

What is my destiny?

What have I done?

In every dark cloud, there’s a silver lining.

We have got to ride on love. We need love too.

Lil Wayne once said, “Born in the USA but due to tragedy, they were looked on as refugees by the whole world.”

Remember, when Katrina hit? New Orleans residents were treated like the scum of the earth by the whole world.

That’s just not right.

“Accept my emotions and don’t take it as offensive. I must be me. We got spirit y’all. They don’t want us to sing but we already know.”  – Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne, we miss you bro….can’t wait for you to come on out. The world is not the same without you on the streets to be our eyes, ears and mouths because there are a lot of people out there who are too scared to speak out. I appreciate you man, even though I’ve never met you. You’re an inspiration to all of us.

Your Partner In Success,

Etieno Etuk

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P.S.S. lol. I’ve been trying to get Bank of America, CNN & ABC to give me a call back to help them with their businesses but haven’t received any calls yet I keep getting all these calls from Bank of America about paying off their credit cards. I guess the banks are just like the Mafia. They want their money and they want it now. If you owe anyone money, make sure you repay what you borrowed. It’s the Law! I hope Corporate America sees this and realizes that it’s time to give Americans jobs instead of outsourcing our jobs elsewhere. When would be a good time to bring jobs back? Now is the Time! Capitalize on the trends Corporate America. Let me pause here so I don’t get in big trouble. Stay tuned for more info on this blog. Thanks for reading.