Pearls Of Wisdom From “Big Al Tells All” Book

I just recently re-read the book “Big Al Tells All” by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter. He has tons and tons of gold nuggets in the book. I got a lot of good stuff compared to what I got from it the last time I read it. The book is a book on how to grow a big team by starting small. He teaches a cool recruiting system.

In the book, he talks a lot about team work. You see, all professional recruiters work in pairs. When two people work as a team, their self-confidence is at a high level. They keep each other motivated. When one person is down, the other person lifts him/her up.

Sometimes, you may get to sponsor some people who are unmotivated. You know, they have no desire to build a business that will help them accomplish their dreams. Some people think they can change these people. Realize this, you can’t change anyone. If you recruit someone who is unmotivated, your job is to work in depth, get referrals from them and work to replace that distributor. At times, doing this may motivate this person when they get to log in their back office to see the amount of volume that you’ve created that can only be tap if they get to work.

In the book, “Big Al” gives some tips on the best ways to do a presentation when you meet up with a prospect, either one-on-one or two-on-one. When doing a presentation, do not just throw facts here and there. Realize that your prospect doesn’t care about a lot of facts. Instead, they are moved by stories. So learn some stories that you can tell while presenting your business opportunity to them. Your prospects and distributors as well will remember the story long after the fact has been forgotten.

To be successful in your network marketing business or any other business for that matter, you’ve got to provide value. That’s the only way to get paid. If you wish to receive more income, you must provide more service. Find ways to work smarter and not harder.

Most people that get involved in the direct marketing industry get attached to outcomes. They get their feelings hurt if they show the business to a prospect and the prospect says “NO”. Realize that getting no’s leads you to your yeses. You have to sort through prospects to find the right ones to work with. Do not treat your friends and alleged “good prospects” like an empty oyster. What do you do with empty oysters? You throw them away and look for oysters with value. Know when it is time to move on to the next prospect, instead of hoping, asking and begging with the same people week after week. The key to success in this business is continually adding people to your list. Make it a goal to add at least 2 new people to your list daily.

The secret to recruiting is not in convincing people, but in sorting through people to find the right ones to work with. You can definitely wear yourself out and become discouraged working with the wrong people(the empty oysters). That’s why it’s important to detach yourself from the outcome. If you show someone the business and they decide it’s not for them, move on to the next person. You have limited time and the faster you sort, the quicker your bank account will increase.

Your job as a professional network marketer is to sort through the prospects until you find one who wants to be a distributor. It is many times easier to locate a prospect who wants to work, than to convince an unwilling disinterested prospect to work.

From the book, I learned that there are two qualities a prospect must have to become successful in this business. They are:

#1. DESIRE: They must have the desire to earn some extra income. Now, do not confuse need with desire. People who put themselves in a position where they are needy often times have no desire to earn money. What amateur networkers do is concentrate on all the unemployed and “broke” people who do not wish to put forth an extra effort to get ahead. Don’t be like them. You’re a professional. Don’t waste your time trying to reprogram needy people who have no desire.

#2. TIME: The people you are looking for are those who are willing to set aside time to work the business. You want prospects who can commit to 6 – 10 hours a week for the business. If someone really busy says they can only set aside 4 hours a week, that’s okay too. At least he or she has made a commitment.

One of the keys to a successful presentation is by closing before you start. What I mean by that is that you have to put your prospect at ease letting him know a few things upfront. This relaxes your prospect and frees his mind to listen to your presentation without wondering about things like how much it costs to get started, what the training is like and things like that.

Big Al suggests that  you start by telling him/her the following:

a. Most people buy your product.

b. The total cost of your product or the cost of joining the business.

c. Reasons why people do not buy your product or get involved in your opportunity.

d. That you will just present the facts and then it’s up to them to make a decision.

Here’s a sample script you can use:

“Mr Prospect, most people we talk to about XYZ company join because they see how this can really provide them with the lifestyle and income they have been dreaming about. After all, it only costs $150 to get started. Now, the only two reasons people do not join are: they don’t really understand our program and that times are tough and they just can’t afford the $150 right away. What I’m going to do is just present the basic facts about our opportunity and if you like it, fine, we’ll get started. If you don’t, that’s fine as well. Fair enough?”

Find out your prospect’s income goals and let know it’s going to take a certain level of work to achieve these goals. People often want rewards before they deposit the effort. If you’re going to make it big as a professional network marketer, you must help your prospects and distributors understand that reward follows effort. There is no free lunch.

The most important part of getting someone started in the business is getting their commitment. I suggest getting a few names and phone numbers from them right off the bat. Get a commitment from them at the initial presentation. Waiting until later forces you to try to rekindle the prospect’s interest before you can being to get a commitment from them.

Do not waste your time over training and socializing with your distributors. Always be recruiting new blood as this is the lifeline of your business. The only true route to building more volume and a big business is to get more distributors, and not by squeezing your present distributors harder.

Also, always relate in terms of what is important to your prospect. The only way to get someone to do something is by talking about what they want. Always speak in terms that your prospect will understand. Stay away from using network marketing jargon, as this will only confuse them.

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