I got PISSED off this morning when I saw a post on CNN that called the President’s surge in the polls as a “Santa Claus rally“. It’s obvious that those idiots are refusing to take off their 3D glasses and see what’s happening in the “Real World“.

I hear that Ted Turner of CNN has given billions of dollars to fight for World Peace, however his TV Station (CNN.com) is one of the worst proponents of war, ever known to man. They project the whole “Situation Room” by Wolf Blitzer, where Wolf basically talks about all the negative things happening around the world but never takes a minute to acknowledge that there are also good things happening in the world as well.

I HATE watching that show because he’s one of the greatest liars I have ever known. I don’t understand how CNN can spread propaganda like “Wild Fire” and still get away with it. I’m going on a rampage to have them shut down. Trust me, it’s going to happen someday soon!!!

Read the article that CNN released about this whole “Santa Claus” nonsense. Click here!

I usually watch Fox News to get non-biased political news. Let me make this clear, I’m neither Democrat, nor Republican. I’m an American and that’s what counts!

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Stay positive!

Etieno Etuk

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